Inventory FAQs

Why is the cost of my item so high / low?
Depending on the setting you’ve chosen for an item, its inventory cost is either automatically calculated based off previous AP invoices / commissary orders or is manually entered and maintained.  Troubleshooting Costing Issues When an i...
What if my stock counts have disappeared?
By design, stock counts will be saved in R365 until they are manually deleted. Users have accidentally deleted stock counts on occasion. This typically happens when mass-deleting multiple entries from the list of stock counts in the Operations Mo...
How do I add/remove an item to an existing Stock Count?
Stock Count Templates can be modified easily at any time through the process listed below. If your Organization is currently using Inventory Counts from the New Ops Experience, click here to learn how to update existing Inventory Counts. Add...
Why does R365 use Periodic Inventory?
Restaurant365 uses the process of Periodic Inventory rather than Perpetual Inventory for several reasons. Perpetual Inventory serves as a one-to-one relationship, where an item is bought and sold as one product. Because of this, Perpetual Invento...
How do I change the Measure Type on a Recipe?
The Measure Type on a Recipe Item record, or any Item record, can be updated by copying the record, changing the Measure Type and Unit of Measure, and saving the record. If the old record will no longer be used, it can be deleted from the system....
How do I update the Measure Type on an Item record?
The Measure Type on an Item record can be updated in one of two ways:  Copying the record, changing the Measure Type and Unit of Measure, and saving the record  Entering the UofM Equivalency for the current Measure Type This training arti...
How do I merge inventory items?
Unfortunately, there is not a way to merge Inventory Items in R365. Items are most likely tied to previous transactions and recipes, and issues would occur when looking at any recipes or historical data involving these items if this type of merge...
How can a Vendor Item Record be deleted?
Vendor Item records should not be deleted in R365, even if a Vendor Item is no longer received from your Vendor. Rather, if this is a new Vendor Item that is unmapped, follow the Vendor Item Mapping Process to map this item.
What's the difference between a Vendor Item and a Purchased Item?
A Vendor Item is a single item that is purchased from a Vendor. R365 does not require Vendor Item records to be created unless your Organization is automating AP Invoicing through EDI. When an invoice is brought in to R365, the Vendor Items will ...
Can I delete a Recipe record?
Recipes can be deleted as long as the following are true:  The Recipe is not an ingredient for another recipe  The Recipe has not been included on a transaction  The Recipe is not connected to a Menu Item If a Recipe follows the above cr...
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