Reporting - Financial

GL Account Detail Report
This report shows each transaction that has hit an account (or multiple accounts) within a selected date range.  This report can be run from My Reports and is also the report that the P&L, Trial Balance, and Balance Sheet drill down to when y...
Cash Flow Statement
Shows the sources and uses of cash from operating, investing, and financing activities using the indirect method.  Before using the statement you will need to assign 'Cash Flow Categories' to your Balance Sheet accounts. There are seve...
Reports - Bad Request Message
Receiving a Bad Request message like the one pictured below when running reports means your computer has too many cookies stored and they need to be cleared. In order to free up cookie space you should clear your browser cookies.  You ca...
Why Is This Showing up on My Aging Report?
Here are a few common reasons of why something might be showing up on your AP or AR Aging report when you don't expect to see it there: 1. Check the Apply tab to make sure that transaction(s) are fully applied to it and that the amount r...
ComData Export Report
The ComData Export Report is located in My Reports and allows you to export a CSV file that contains a list of any unpaid AP Invoices for your specific ComData Vendors.  The CSV file can then be provided to ComData for payment processing. ...
Restaurant Financial Reports List
Single Day Performance Overview Flash Report Daily Sales Report Multi-Day Performance Overview Profit and Loss (recommended formats are 'Period and YTD vs Budget and Prior Year' and 'Trailing Period Over Period'...
My Reports: System View
In My Reports, you can create and save your own views. The default (unfiltered) view is System View. To learn more, see the Saved Views section of "My Reports: Using 'My Reports'".
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