Channel Partners

Partner Channel Users - Multi-Instance Login
With the introduction of the Multi-Instance Switching feature, Partner Channel Users will be able to switch between instances with a single login. Users who are added to a multi-instance account will have modified User records to reflect the upda...
Multi-Instance Switching
Multi-Instance Switching enables Users who oversee multiple R365 instances the ability to switch between them using the same User ID. The Instance Switcher menu provides this easy transition by listing all favorited instances as well as the five ...
R365 Financial Report Writer: Sharing Across Instances
The R365 Financial Report Writer enables Users to share their created Report Templates and Report Packages across the multiple instances that they oversee. When Templates are shared, the Column Layout undergoes a Validation Process to ensure that...
Client Record
Client Records and Client options are only available to Partner Channel Users who are managing multiple Client instances. The Client record stores information about each Client, including their name, address, contact information, and more. Once a...
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