Accounting FAQs

Why isn’t my email working to email Transactions, Check Stubs, or ACH files?
If you are unable to use the ‘Email Link’ and other ‘Email’ functions within R365, it is often because your User Email Settings either need to be set up, or have been entered incorrectly. If emailing from R365 worked previously, you may have rece...
How do I figure out which check paid which invoice?
There are two reports that can help you determine which check paid a given invoice. For details on these reports, see the following articles: Payments Created Paid Invoice Distribution
Why can’t I print a check with a signature?
Only Users with the ‘Print Check Signature’ security role can print checks with signature in R365.  If you are unable to print a check with a signature, contact the R365 Admin in your organization to request this access.  You will also want to ve...
How do I print a sales ticket?
To print a sales ticket, follow these steps: 1. Access the Operations module. 2. Under the Sales heading, select Sales Tickets. 3. Double-click the row corresponding to the ticket you would like to print. If necessary, use the column header...
Why can't I create transactions to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable?
Restaurant R365 automatically uses the settings in Preferences where GL accounts are assigned to Accounts Payable/Receivable. When you create AP or AR transactions in the system, the line items to AP / AR are auto-created and work in conjunction ...
Can I void a check run?
It's not possible to void an entire check run at once, but you can void transactions within the check run individually. See "Voiding a Transaction" for details.
Why do I have an Unassigned Vendor / Customer in my Aging report?
There are two ways that an unassigned Vendor / Customer can happen:  Accounts payable / receivable open transactions do not match the imported trial balances for AP / AR at go live.  Transaction line items are manually written to the Accounts ...
Why isn't a transaction matching in my Bank Activity?
There are multiple possibilities why a transaction is not matching:  The transaction does not yet exist in R365, but can be created via bank activity.  The transaction it should matched to is in a closed period (see Legal Entity record).  The...
How do I enter a Vendor Credit issued as a check or ACH?
Occasionally, you may receive a credit from a Vendor that is a Check or ACH. The following process allows you to reconcile ACH and Check payments for credits with your Vendors, thus allowing the relationship between the Credit Memo and the ACH pa...
What is the best way to handle Credit Cards in R365?
There are two options when using Credit Cards in R365. The first option is to create a Vendor account for your Credit Card and assign transactions through this account. The second and recommended option is to set up your Credit Card as a bank acc...
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