Employee Console

Employee Console
The Employee Console displays a quick view into Employee Statistics, including errors on payroll, number of active Employees, and any updated Employee information. Alerts for Manager Approval of new hires or Employee record updates will be l...
Add Employee
Creating Employee records allow for confidential information to be filed individually. These records can be accessed through the Employee List as well as the listed navigation below. Learn more about the Employee Console here. Navigation ...
Employee List
The Employee List displays all saved Employee records in the system. From this list, the desired Employee record can be opened so that necessary updates can be made. Learn more about the Employee Console here. Navigation To navigate...
R365 Payroll: Employee Records
Employee records live in the Employee List where they can be edited and updated after creation. Any update to an Employee's address, federal or state information, and even their employment status should be entered into that Employee's r...
Notifications Center
Employees can have a notification sent to them from the Employee List, their Employee record, or the Notifications Center through the Notify button. These messages can be sent via the Employee's listed email address or phone number. The Not...
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