EDI Vendor Integration Overview
Electronic Data Interchange allows Vendors to push transaction details directly in to Restaurant365.  The two supported transaction types that can be uploaded and imported in to Restaurant365 are AP Invoice and AP Credit Memo.  The upload process...
EDI Vendor: US Foods
Overview US Foods invoices are delivered via FTP to a dedicated US Foods FTP site hosted by Restaurant365.  From this site, the invoices are routed to the destination FTP site (specific to the customer) and ultimately imported in to Restauran...
EDI - AP Invoice Tax Inclusion
AP Transactions can be manually imported in to Restaurant365. Manually importing AP Transactions requires the use of specific import templates. Transactions can be imported by Item, or by Account.  Click here for information on EDI Vendor Integra...
Troubleshooting EDI Imports
The following errors may occur when importing data in to Restaurant365.  Click here for an Overview of EDI Vendor Integrations. Review error types for troubleshooting tips and steps to error resolution Closed Period Cause: ...
EDI Vendor Integration: Fintech
Fintech provides Vendor statements via FTP to Restaurant365. These service statements, which include both charges and refunds, are recognized as invoices in Restaurant365. Below, review the steps of integration, the mapping of a Fintech file to a...
EDI Vendor Integrations
For a full list of supported EDI vendor integrations, see the Vendor-Specific EDI Integrations section of "EDI Vendor Integration: Overview".
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