Why can’t I log in to R365 on my Desktop?

Each database (sometimes referred to as 'instance') and User in R365 is unique.  There are a few reasons why you may not be able to login to R365. First, ensure that you are using Google Chrome and then review the following list of reasons you cann...

Why can't I login to R365 on my Mobile App?

Each database (sometimes referred to as 'instance') and User in R365 is unique.  There are a few reasons why you may not be able to login to R365. Review the following list of reasons you cannot login, followed by a list of possible solutions.  ...

What is my R365 domain?

Each R365 domain is unique to a restaurant Organization's instance. An R365 instance is the R365 domain + '.restaurant365.com'. For example, the R365 domain for https://steakshack.restaurant365.com is steakshack.  Occasionally, you may...

What daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks should I do as an Accountant and an Operator?

Since Accounting and Operations work in conjunction with each other, below lists the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that should be completed for financial success. Download a PDF of the Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Task Guide or an editable versi...

R365's 'Back to School' Tips & Tricks

8/17/20 Hello R365 Family, As everyone heads back to school (either virtually or in-person) we wanted to get in on the learning fun by sharing some knowledge to help each of you get the most out of R365.  For the next several weeks we'...

What should I do if I'm missing a Daily Sales Summary or the data is incorrect?

If you're missing a Daily Sales Summary (DSS) file or the data in a DSS file is incorrect, the recommended solution depends on two factors: the date of the DSS file, and the method of integration we use with your POS system. Table of Contents C...

What are some best practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a devastating impact on the restaurant industry in recent weeks. We understand the challenges you are facing and want to support you with additional resources on how to manage your Inventory and Restaurant Operations through t...

Contact R365 Support

If you're ever unable to find the answers you need in our Support Center, you can always reach out to our Support team for help. Please be aware that if you're in the onboarding process or need a refresher of a topic covered during onboarding, the ...

Can I login to the Support Center with my R365 Username and Password?

If you are a new R365 User, it is important to note that your R365 username and password is not your R365 Support Center login. However, it is easy to make your own R365 Support Center account. Creating a R365 Support Center Login When visiti...

How do I find out if there is a system issue?

Issues within R365 can be the result of improper system setup, and a simple adjustment to a user or item record can see everything working smoothly again. However, it is certainly possible that it can be the result of a temporary performance issue that we ...

Why isn’t my email working to email Transactions, Check Stubs, or ACH files?

If you are unable to use the ‘Email Link’ and other ‘Email’ functions within R365, it is often because your User Email Settings either need to be set up or have been entered incorrectly. If emailing from R365 worked previously, you may have recently reset ...

How do I add a Vendor Group?

A Vendor Group can be easily added from the Vendor record. It is important to note that once a Vendor Group is created, it cannot be deleted.  Navigate to the 'Vendor Additional Info' tab of the desired Vendor record. In the Vendor Group sele...

How do I figure out which check paid which invoice?

There are two reports that can help you determine which check paid a given invoice. For details on these reports, see the following articles:  Payments Created Paid Invoice Distribution

Why can’t I print a check with a signature?

Only Users with the Print Check Signature Permission can print checks with signature in R365. If you are unable to print a check with a signature, contact your organization's R365 Admin to request this access. You will also want to verify that the sign...

How do I print a sales ticket?

To print a sales ticket, follow these steps: 1. Open the Operations module 2. Under the Sales heading in the left navigation pane, select Sales Tickets. This will open the Sales Tickets listing 3. Double-click the row corresponding to the ticket you ...

Why can't I create transactions to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable?

R365 automatically uses the settings in System Preferences where GL accounts are assigned to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. When you create AP or AR transactions in the system, the line items to AP/AR are auto-created and work in conjunction wit...

Can I void a payment run?

It is not possible to void an entire payment run at once, but you can void transactions within the payment run individually. See 'Voiding a Transaction' for details.

Why do I have an Unassigned Vendor / Customer in my Aging report?

There are two ways that an unassigned Vendor/Customer can happen:  Accounts payable/receivable open transactions do not match the imported trial balances for AP/AR at go live.  Transaction line items are manually written to the Accounts Payable/Receivab...

Why isn't a transaction matching in my Bank Activity?

There are multiple possibilities why a transaction is not matching:  The transaction does not yet exist in R365, but can be created via bank activity.  The transaction it should match to is in a closed period (see Legal Entity record).  The transaction...

How do I enter a Vendor Credit issued as a check or ACH?

Occasionally, you may receive a credit from a Vendor that is a Check or ACH. The following process allows you to reconcile ACH and Check payments for credits with your Vendors, thus allowing the relationship between the Credit Memo and the ACH payment to b...

Why is the cost of my item so high / low?

Depending on the setting you’ve chosen for an item, its inventory cost is either automatically calculated based off previous AP invoices / commissary orders or is manually entered and maintained.  Troubleshooting Costing Issues When an item’s cost...

What if my Inventory Counts have disappeared?

By design, Inventory Counts will be saved in R365 until they are manually deleted. Users have accidentally deleted Inventory Counts on occasion. This typically happens when mass-deleting multiple entries from the list of Inventory Counts in the Operations ...

Why does R365 use Periodic Inventory?

Restaurant365 uses the process of Periodic Inventory rather than Perpetual Inventory for several reasons. Perpetual Inventory serves as a one-to-one relationship, where an item is bought and sold as one product. Because of this, Perpetual Inventory Debits ...

How do I change the Measure Type on a Recipe?

The Measure Type on a Recipe Item record, or any Item record, can be updated by copying the record, changing the Measure Type and Unit of Measure, and saving the record. If the old record will no longer be used, it can be deleted from the system.  Cha...

How do I update the Measure Type on an Item record?

The Measure Type on an Item record can be updated in one of two ways:  Copying the record, changing the Measure Type and Unit of Measure, and saving the record  Entering the UofM Equivalency for the current Measure Type This training article will r...

How do I merge inventory items?

Unfortunately, there is not a way to merge Inventory Items in R365. Items are most likely tied to previous transactions and recipes, and issues would occur when looking at any recipes or historical data involving these items if this type of merge was allow...

How can a Vendor Item Record be deleted?

Vendor Item records should not be deleted in R365, even if a Vendor Item is no longer received from your Vendor. Rather, if this is a new Vendor Item that is unmapped, follow the Vendor Item Mapping Process to map this item. 

What's the difference between a Vendor Item and a Purchased Item?

A Vendor Item is a single item that is purchased from a Vendor. R365 does not require Vendor Item records to be created unless your Organization is automating AP Invoicing through EDI. When an invoice is brought in to R365, the Vendor Items will be listed ...

Can I delete a Recipe record?

Recipes can be deleted as long as the following are true:  The Recipe is not an ingredient for another recipe  The Recipe has not been included on a transaction  The Recipe is not connected to a Menu Item If a Recipe follows the above criteria, a ...

How do I delete a Purchased Item record?

Purchased Item records can be deleted as long as the item is not an ingredient on a Recipe, tied to any Vendor Item records, and included on any transactions. Often times, a Purchased Item record cannot be deleted due to these reasons, so Users can alterna...

How can I get Labor Accruals into R365?

If your employees use your POS system to punch in and out of their shifts, you should be able to import Labor Punches in to R365. During the POS Integration, you should have set the ‘Import Type’ on the Location record for each POS Integrated Location. You...

How do I send Employees a message?

There are two primary ways to send your Employees a message:  If you have access to the R365 Red App, you can use the Employee Messaging feature to send messages to specific Employees.  You can use the Announcements feature to send messages to a group o...

How do I remove a former employee from R365?

Former Employee records should remain in R365 for reporting purposes and should not be deleted. However, you are able to mark a former Employee as 'Inactive' on their Employee record so as to not allow them access to the system.  Click here to ...

How can an Employee Mobile App User personalize their password?

If you use the R365 Red App for Scheduling, your Employees can log in from their personal devices to view schedule information. By default, Employee passwords are randomly generated upon initial configuration as well as upon password reset. If your Emp...

How do I add an Employee Note?

The 'Employee Notes' tab of an Employee form tracks all notes documented for this specific Employee. Employee Notes can be for a myriad of reasons, such as 'No Show', 'Late for Shift', 'Exceptional Service', and more. ...

How do I delete a Job in R365?

Due to the fact that Job Titles can be tied to historical data, R365 does not allow for Jobs to be deleted.  However, a few steps can be taken to ensure that this Job is not available for use:  Mark the Job as 'Exclude From Schedule' on the J...

How do I update the labor data on my DSS?

If you need to repoll your POS system, you can simply delete your DSS file, and R365 will automatically reimport both Sales and Labor data as long as it is still within your POS system's window of availability, which varies by POS System. This step is ...

Reports - Bad Request Message

  Receiving a Bad Request message when running reports means your computer has too many cookies stored and they need to be cleared. In order to free up cookie space you should clear your browser cookies. You can do that in Chrome by hitting Ctrl+Shift...

Why is this showing up on my AP/AR Aging report?

Here are a few common reasons of why something might be showing up on your AP or AR Aging report when you do not expect to see it there:  There is an amount remaining on one more more transactions. Check the 'Apply' tab of all transactions to ...

How do I get last year’s sales to show up on my Flash Report?

If you are new to R365 and want your prior year (PY) sales to show up alongside your current sales on the Flash Report, you will need to import your ‘Historical Sales’. These are different than your ‘Beginning Balances’ that you imported during initial set...

What is the Year End Close I see in my GL Detail?

In Restaurant365, you do not have to book year-end entries, as this takes place automatically based on your Retained earnings preferences, approved transactions, and set Year End Close date, at the end of your fiscal year.  Therefore, any adjustments t...

What is causing my Balance Sheet to be out of balance?

When your Balance Sheet is out of balance, it can be challenging to figure out the initial point when this may have occurred. This article reviews one way that you can decipher when and what caused your Balance Sheet to be out of balance. Step 1: Work...

Why does my 'On Hand' not calculate correctly on my Shopping List?

When using a Shopping List, the 'On Hand' amount may appear to be calculated incorrectly due to the fact that it displays a '0' for one or more items. It is important to keep in mind that the 'On Hand' field is calculated based...

What if my weekly reports are not starting on the day I want them to?

A common question that the Support Team receives is, 'What historical data does the Flash Report utilize? Does it look at the actual dates (January 31, 2022, versus January 31, 2021) or does the report utilize a specific day of the week within the peri...

What if a field is no longer available on Ad Hoc reports?

If a field is no longer available on Ad Hoc reports, it is most likely due to a simple error. To resolve this, follow the steps below:  Open the Ad Hoc report and click 'Remove Items' in the 'Missing Data' pop-up modal  Click the Sour...

Which calendar is used on each report?

Generally, your Fiscal Calendar is used for Financial reports while your Operational Calendar is used for Operational reports. However, some reports may use a different calendar than expected. Review the chart below to discover which calendar is used for e...

How do I duplicate a report in CFR?

Unfortunately, there is not an option to duplicate a report in Custom Financial Reporting, but you can easily replicate a report by following the steps below. Create Template. Create a new template in Custom Financial Reports.  Choose and Name the...

How do I write an effective Job posting?

Writing clear, engaging Job postings can help bring in more Applicants. In order to help you create the most engaging content, ensure that you: Use clear, straightforward Job Titles Make Job Descriptions easy to read Sell the Opportunity Use Clea...

Are my R365HIRE and Workforce login credentials the same?

R365 HIRE and Workforce each have different login credentials. Users will have separate credentials for each.

Can I track my Careers Page?

Tracking pixels are snippets of code that are provided by your Marketing or Advertising Agency that can give you insights into Applicant conversion rates from your Careers Page. When you provide R365 with these tracking pixels, R365 can implement them on f...

How can Applicant data be removed from R365 Hire?

Applicants can request to have their data removed from R365 Hire at any time to protect their information. Below details the process of having Applicant information deleted from the system. Step 1: The Applicant Contacts R365 Support The Applican...

Can I access the applicant assessments?

To access the applicants' Personality and Math & Verbal assessments, Users can create a test applicant. This will allow Users to see what the assessments are like.  To view an applicant's test scores and prescreening question answers, Users...

Why do I see 2 additional I-9 and W-4 forms assigned to applicants?

The additional I-9and W-4 forms located under 'Single Assign Forms' are only to be used after an employee has completed onboarding.  For example, if an employee gets married and needs to update their information, assign these forms. 

My applicants completed their paperwork, why is the onboarding bar still blank?

If the applicant has completed their necessary paperwork, but the Onboarding bar is still blank, it is likely that the Manager has not completed their portion of each document. Ensure that each document is completed. 

Why does my 'Tasks' tab say '(No Tasks Assigned)'?

If the 'Tasks' tab says '(No Tasks Assigned),' the correct Manager may not be assigned to the appropriate checklist.  From the 'Tasks' page, click 'Edit Checklists.'  Then, make all the necessary and appropri...

Can I transfer additional documents to Payroll after exporting the applicant?

The Payroll information from the Onboarding module will export to Payroll. All attached documents transfer during the initial export.  After the initial export, any additional documents will need to be uploaded directly to Payroll. 

Should I cancel my existing Indeed subcription?

No, existing Indeed subscriptions do not need to be cancelled.  To post jobs through R365 with an existing Indeed subscription, first, from the Indeed account, pull down all currently posted jobs. After removing these job postings, the jobs can then be...

How are Tax Witholdings Determined for R365 Pay Runs?

Pay Runs that are scheduled either daily or per pay period use the 'Aggregation' tax method for determining the tax rate for the Employee.  One-Time Payments allow the User creating the One-Time Payment to choose the tax method used to calculat...

Why is my item costing off?

Depending on the setting you’ve chosen for an item, its inventory cost is either automatically calculated based off previous AP invoices / commissary orders or is manually entered and maintained.  Troubleshooting Costing Issues When an item’s cost...

What do I do if I skipped Inventory Counts?

Inventory Counts should be entered consistently, but if your restaurant was closed, you may have skipped your End of Month (EOM) Inventory Count. Entering EOM Inventory Counts is crucial to ensure that your COGS is trued up. These counts can be easily repl...

How do I resume taking Inventory Counts after not taking them for weeks?

When you resume taking Inventory Counts after being closed, you will need two Inventory Counts to reflect actual COGS usage.  The first count will establish how much in Inventory you have in house. This count should be compared against your Balance Sh...

What are some best practices around entering a Payroll Journal Entry?

When creating a Payroll Journal Entry, it is important to make sure that the necessary Daily Sales Summaries are approved and only one Payroll JE is created to clear out the accrued payroll for the desired date range. If more than one Payroll JE is entered...

How do I manage Undeposited Funds?

It is recommended to map Cash and Credit Card transactions to Undeposited Funds. To ensure that these funds are properly matched to the necessary bank account, follow the process listed below. Step 1: Map to Undeposited Funds from the DSS Pre...

COVID-19 Relief: Paycheck Protect Program (PPP) Loans & More

For information on Paycheck Protection Program loans for small businesses, see our regularly-updated PPP blog post, our PPP on-demand webinar, and our PPP Loan Forgiveness Strategies & Recovery Best Practices webinar. For a wealth of information on...

What does the onboarding process look like?

In onboarding, you will typically work with both an Accounting Coach and an Operations Coach as you learn both parts of the system. These processes are very different but work in conjunction with each other and, therefore, occur concurrently. Below details...

How can I change a Legal Entity in R365?

During Implementation, Legal Entities will be set up for your Organization and tied to their respective Locations within R365. However, if a change in ownership occurs or there is a shift in Legal Entity structure, existing Legal Entities may need to be ad...