In Onboarding, you will typically work with both an Accounting Coach and an Operations Coach as you learn both parts of the system. These processes are very different but work in conjunction with each other and, therefore, occur concurrently. Below details both the Accounting and Operations Onboarding processes.

Click here to view a PDF document of the Accounting Onboarding Process and the Operations Onboarding Process.

Accounting Onboarding Process

Phase 1 - Connecting POS to R365

Phase 2 - Training on Key Topics

Phase 3 - Cut Over

  • User understands the technical Cut Over Process and that test records will be cleared out
  • User understands Beginning Balance transactions and how to populate import files
  • User understands how transactions will be processed exclusively in R365 post-cutover date
  • User can explain the division of daily task responsibilities within their organization

Phase 4 - Live in the System

Operations Onboarding Process

Phase 1 - Items In

  • Vendor Items, Purchased Items, and Units of Measure imported and shown to User
  • User understands and can explain Vendor Item > Purchased Item relationship
  • User provides historical Net Sales and Coach imports
  • Vendor integration(s) submitted

Phase 2 - Managing Items

Phase 3 - Inventory Items

Phase 4 - Recipe Management