Purchased Item records can be deleted as long as the item is not an ingredient on a Recipe, tied to any Vendor Item records, and included on any transactions. Often times, a Purchased Item record cannot be deleted due to these reasons, so Users can alternatively inactivate the item, causing it to no longer be used in the system.

To inactivate the Purchased Item record, navigate to the Items listing and double-click the item to open its Purchased Item record.

When it opens, complete the following on the 'General' tab:

  1.  Uncheck the 'Active' box
  2.  Rename the Purchased Item. It is best practice to create a naming convention for inactive Item records to remove confusion and easily show that an Item is inactive. R365 recommends appending the front of the item name with 'ZZZ DO NOT USE' so that the item will appear at the bottom of the Items listing and show that it is no longer in use

Once complete, save the record.