Since Accounting and Operations work in conjunction with each other, below lists the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that should be completed for financial success. Download a PDF of the Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Task Guide or an editable version of the checklist to modify tasks and designate team members to their responsibilities.

Daily Task Guide

  1. Use To Do Checklistto map:
  2. Approve Integrated AP Invoices
  3. Process AP Payments
  4. Process Daily Sales Summaries by:
  5. Process Daily Banking Activity by resolving transactions in unmatched tab   
  1. Enter, review, and complete AP Invoices for food and beverage
  2. Enter new Item Transfers and deny pending transfers
  3. Enter new Waste Logs
  4. Review and complete yesterday's DSS
  5. Leave daily shift comments on the Home page
  6. Onboard New Employees for Scheduler
  7. Approve or Deny Requests in Scheduler

Weekly/Biweekly Task Guide

  1. Post payroll JE after confirming the following: 
    • Payroll JE date matches payroll ending date 
    • All DSS in payroll period are approved
  2.  Run GL Account Detail for Accrued Payroll to Confirm Reversal

  1. Find and fix costing errors
  2. Update Inventory Count Templates for newly added or removed items
  3. Perform weekly Inventory
  4. Publish weekly Forecast
  5. Write and publish weekly schedule

Monthly Task Guide

  1.  Bank Reconciliation
  2.  Review Financial Reports 
  1.  Perform & Review period end inventory
    • Quantity counted for any mis-keyed items
    • Cost per each item (sort low to high and high to low)
    • Flags - Twice as Much, Half as Much, and Zero Quantity
  2.  Review financials and operational reports for possible cost savings

Quarterly Task Guide

  1. Complete the Accounting Self-Audit, which includes reconciling Balance Sheet Accounts
    1. Cash Account to Bank Statement
    2. Accounts Payable to AP Aging
    3. Accounts Receivable to AR Aging
  1. Complete the Operations Self-Audit, which includes reviewing and correcting the following:
    • Units of Measure - Incorrect math statements and misleading names
    • Purchased Items - Possible duplicates, missing categories, and incorrect GL assignments
    • Vendor Item Mappings - Possible mis-mapped items, update contract pricing