If you use the R365 Red App for Scheduling, your Employees can log in from their personal devices to view schedule information. By default, Employee passwords are randomly generated upon initial configuration as well as upon password reset.

If your Employees would like to personalize their passwords to make them easier to remember, they can do so in one of two ways: from the R365 Red App or a desktop browser.

R365 Red App

An Employee can easily update their password from the User profile. The User Profile can be opened by clicking the menuicon in the top left corner of the Dashboard and then clicking their name.

Their profile will appear with details about their work and the functions available to them as an App User. 

To change their login password, they will need to click 'Update Password'. On the following screen, they should enter and confirm their new password. The Employee will need to ensure that the passwords match before clicking 'Confirm' to save their new password. If they decide not to update their password, click 'Cancel' and no changes will be made.

Desktop Browser

Employees and Managers can also update their password by entering in their database's unique domain as 'https://________.restaurant365.com' and log in on the home page.

Upon login, the Employee should hover over their username in the top, right corner of the landing page and then click 'Change Password'. This will enable them to enter in their current and new password.