Reporting FAQs

How do I get last year’s sales to show up on my Flash Report?
If you are new to R365 and want your prior year (PY) sales to show up alongside your current sales on the Flash Report, you will need to import your ‘Historical Sales’.  These are different than your ‘Beginning Balances’ that you imported during ...
What is the Year End Close I see in my GL detail?
In Restaurant365, you don't have to book year-end entries, as this takes place automatically based on your Retained earnings preferences, approved transactions and set YE Close date, at the end of your fiscal year.  Therefore, any adjust...
What is causing my Balance Sheet to be out of balance?
When your Balance Sheet is out of balance, it can be challenging to figure out the initial point when this may have occurred. This article reviews one way that you can decipher when and what caused your Balance Sheet to be out of balance. St...
Why does my 'On Hand' not calculate correctly on my Shopping List?
When creating a Shopping List through Purchasing Assistant, the 'On Hand' amount may appear to be calculated incorrectly due to the fact that it displays a '0' for one or more tems. It is important to keep in mind that th...
What if my weekly reports are not starting on the day I want them to?
A commonly asked question that the Support Team receives is, 'What historical data does the Flash report utilize? Does it look at the actual dates (October 1, 2019, versus October 1, 2018) or does the report utilize a specific day of the wee...
What if a field is no longer available on Ad Hoc reports?
If a field is no longer available on Ad Hoc reports, it is most likely due to a simple error. To resolve this, follow the steps below:  Open the Ad Hoc Report and click 'Remove Items' in the 'Missing Data' pop-up window. ...
Which calendar is used on each report?
Generally, your Fiscal Calendar is used for Financial reports while your Operational Calendar is used for Operational reports. However, some reports may use a different calendar than expected. Review the chart below to discover which calendar is ...
How do I duplicate a report in CFR?
Unfortunately, there is not an option to duplicate a report in Custom Financial Reporting, but you can easily replicate a report by following the steps below. 1) Create Template 2) Choose and Name the type of Report ...
How do I save a report as a favorite?
The answer to this question is documented in the Favorites section of "My Reports: Using 'My Reports'".
Why is my report blank?
If your R365 Report appears blank, it is often due to one of the following reasons: Incomplete Report Parameters Unassigned Fiscal Year Missing Information For handling more specific issues, reach out to R365 Support for additional guida...
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