Prep Logs, Waste Logs & Item Transfers

Entering A Waste Log
Waste Logs allow you to account for Inventory Item Waste.  The Waste Log form is very similar to the Item Transfer form. Prerequisites: 1. Set Waste Account on each Purchased Item As a first step you need to ensure that you have a ‘Wa...
Entering an Item Transfer
The Item Transfer form allows you to record Item Transfers between Locations. This will ensure your costs are transferred accordingly.  To review existing Item Transfer records, open the ‘Inventory Transactions’ list in the Operations module:...
Prep Log
Prep Logs are beneficial in tracking both the cost of individual ingredients and entire Recipe batches. Once a Prep Log is Approved, this will physically update the Usage Per $1000, the Theo On Hand, and the Cost of the Recipe Item.  Use...
Prep Station
Prep Stations are where items are physically prepped in a Restaurant. Creating definitive stations can help organize Prep sheets, and as Prep reports are ran and Ingredient Lists are pulled, they will be organized by station to assess variances a...
Memorized Prep Log
Memorized Prep Logs allow Users to create templates for inputting Prep Logs. While a User can create a single Prep Log, a Memorized Prep Log enables a User to log Prep without having to recreate a new log each time. Create a Memorized Prep...
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