FTP Site

FTP Site Overview
Restaurant365 provides a hosted FTP site for each Customer Database. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and allows Vendors, Customers, and R365 Users to Upload acceptable files in to their instance. The FTP Site serves two purposes for Cu...
FTP Site: Setup
This article is part of the FTP Site documentation.  Click here for more information on the FTP Site Restaurant365 provides each Customer with a Hosted FTP Site for file imports. AP/AR Invoices and Credit Memos can be automatically imported (...
FTP Site: Uploading Files for Import
This article explains how to use the R365 FTP Site to upload AP Invoice, AP Credit Memo and Documents to Process files. Step 1: Add Files When you are ready to import files via FTP, open the FTP folder (or use your preferred FTP Client) a...
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