Accounting Onboarding Resources

The Cut Over Process
The Cut Over Process Cut Over is the process of closing out the previous period in your Legacy Software and starting the new period in Restaurant365 from the Cut Over date moving forward. When you close the previous period, all Legacy Ending Bala...
Entering in Beginning Balance Transactions
When implementing Restaurant365, you will need to input beginning balance transactions for GL Balances, Open AP Transactions, Open AR Transactions, and Unreconciled Bank Transactions.  The majority of beginning balance items will be imported duri...
DSS Mapping
POS Accounts must be mapped in Restaurant365 to account for the Sales and Payment Type Accounts that are imported from your POS. These records were created based on your separation settings in System Preferences, and now that they have been separ...
Recording Delivery Services in R365
As Delivery becomes utilized more in the Restaurant Industry, it is important to note the best practices surrounding how to record Delivery Services in R365. When Delivery Services are imported from your POS, they can be mapped to one of the foll...
Accounting Day-to-Day Processes
As an Accountant, it is important to follow certain daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to ensure your books tie out. Review the lists and resources provided below on these processes. Additional resources are recommended throughout via the ...
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