My Reports Overview
Overview My Reports is the home to all reports in Restaurant365.  Reports are sorted and displayed on tabs that group the reports together, including User defined 'Favorites'.  In order to view or access any report, a User must...
My Reports: Report Roles Setup
Report Roles must be created and assigned to each User in order for that User to access individual Reports located in 'My Reports'.  Click here for more information about My Reports Alternatively, if all users will need access to &#...
My Reports: Assigning Report Roles
Report Roles grant access to specific Reports found in 'My Reports'.  Click here for more information on My Reports. Report Roles can be be assigned using two different methods:  Manually on the User Record  Using 'Mass Role...
My Reports: Using ‘My Reports’
In order to view and run Reports found in My Reports, a User must first have a Report Role assigned to their User Record. Click here for more information on My Reports. Navigation   Navigate to 'My Reports' by clicking on ...
Profit & Loss Formatting
There are two aspects to Profit & Loss report formatting: Column layout Row format  Which column layout you use is selected from the dropdown when you run the report.  Column layouts are not customizable and examples are a column that...
Budgeting: Creating a New Budget
This article will describe the steps necessary to create a new Budget using the Advanced Budgeting feature in Restaurant365.  Click here for more information on Budgeting Creating a New Budget To begin the process of creating a new ...
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