Each R365 domain is unique to a restaurant Organization's instance. An R365 instance is the R365 domain + '.restaurant365.com'. For example, the R365 domain for https://steakshack.restaurant365.com is steakshack

Occasionally, you may find the need to select a domain when logging in to the R365 Red App. This indicates that your User ID is identical to one that belongs to a user within a separate Organization's instance. For example, one user within steakshack has the User ID 'username', and a user within r365shack also has the User ID 'username'. These users will need to select their specific R365 domain while logging in to the R365 Red App in order to successfully log in.

If you are unsure of your Organization's R365 domain, contact your Manager for assistance.

If you would prefer to avoid having to select your R365 domain when logging in to the R365 Red App, you may request that your Manager change your User ID to something more unique. R365 recommends using an email address, as those are unique to each user.