If you're ever unable to find the answers you need in our Support Center, you can always reach out to our Support team for help. Please be aware that if you're in the onboarding process or need a refresher of a topic covered during onboarding, the Support team may refer you to your coach or the training resource your coach provided. To learn more about the different types of support provided to you, please view the R365 Support training article.

The Best Way to Contact Us

Because the vast majority of the support we provide is through tickets, we're optimized to get you answers fastest that way. You can create a new ticket at any time from any page of the Support Center:


If you don't see that option, it means you're not logged in to a Support Center account. You can easily log in or register for an account to reach us:

We strive to provide an initial agent response to all tickets within one business hour. We also resolve more than 85% of all tickets within one business day (Monday through Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT). We measure this by how much time the issue spends waiting on input from us during business hours.

When an issue is too complex to solve easily through a ticket, we'll suggest a screen share through Zoom. You can also always request a screen share through your ticket any time you prefer one.

Live Help

For simpler issues, we also offer live help through chat. When you're logged in to your Support Center account, you'll notice a widget in the bottom right corner:

Click it at any time to start a chat session with us. We'll respond as quickly as we can during business hours. Please be aware that it works much like Facebook Messenger or a text exchange on your phone, rather than a traditional live chat tool with active sessions that close at the end of each interaction.

This contact method works best for issues that require only basic troubleshooting (such as database login issues) or immediate attention (site slowness or outage). We convert more complex issues into tickets for faster troubleshooting.

We also offer an inbound phone option at (949) 652-7800. The same limitations above apply. When we're unable to answer, you can leave a voicemail.

After-Hours Emergencies

If you experience an urgent issue after hours that can't wait until the next business day, please call the phone number above and leave a voicemail with details. Someone will return your call within an hour. Please understand that any non-critical issues won't receive a reply until the following business day.