By design, Inventory Counts will be saved in R365 until they are manually deleted. Users have accidentally deleted Inventory Counts on occasion. This typically happens when mass-deleting multiple entries from the list of Inventory Counts in the Operations module. From this list, Users can select multiple unapproved entries, click the 'Edit Selected' button and select 'Delete'.

If Users forget to deselect an entry or do not realize that they selected it in the first place, they are later surprised when the Inventory Count is no longer in the system. Fortunately, our Development Engineers can determine when the entry was deleted and who deleted it as well as restore the data. However, a data-restore such as this typically has a custom development fee associated with it due to the extra time and efforts required by our Development Engineers. 

To request a data-restore, please submit a request to R365 Support providing as much detail as possible about the Inventory Count – including its name and when it was most likely deleted and/or created.