Restaurant Managers will often need a higher level of Security Access than typical Employees to complete Managerial Tasks. Use the information below to ensure that Managers have the appropriate Security Access while also having the ability to view their Schedule via the R365 Red App.

Common Manager Security Role Combinations

Listed below are the most common Security Role Combinations for a Restaurant Manager and Supervisor:

Security RolesSecurity Functions
ManagerRestaurant Manager (Primary)
Employee App Access (Primary)
Schedule Approval (Secondary)

This allows the Manager to create and publish Schedules as well as enter a range of Operations-based functions, including Manager Log and Stock Counts.

SupervisorScheduler (Primary)
Employee App Access (Primary)
Schedule Approval (Secondary)

This allows a Supervisor to create and publish Schedules while also hiding Employee Pay Rates.

Scheduler (Primary)
Employee App Access (Primary)

This allows a Supervisor to create Schedules while also hiding Employee Pay Rates.

Based on your Organization, you may want to further customize the level of access given to your Restaurant Managers. To learn more about System Access, view R365's Security Role Descriptions and find the roles that match the access your Managers should have in R365.

Configuring a Manager's User Record

Managers will need App Access to view their Schedule on the R365 Red App. To give them this access, navigate to their Employee record via the Employees listing.

On the 'General' tab of the Employee record, click the 'App Access' checkbox and then save the record. Doing so will automatically create a User record for this Employee and send them a temporary password via text or email, depending on the Preferred Contact Method listed on their Employee record. 

Open the User record from the Users listing and navigate to the 'User Roles' tab. You will see the Employee App Access Security Role listed as a permission for this User. Enter additional Security Roles in the field listed and click 'Add' to include them on the User record. To view all permission options, view R365's Security Role Descriptions. To provide your Manager access to certain reports, add the desired Report Roles. Click here to learn more about adding Report Roles

When all updates are made, save the User record. Your Restaurant Manager will now have access to both the Schedule and their selected Managerial functions.

Managers with Two User Records

If you were an Existing Customer as of 8/21/2020, chances are your Managers have two separate User records: one for Employee App Access and the other for Managerial functions. These two records can now be adjusted so that only one record includes both capabilities. 

To begin, navigate to the Users listing and filter for the Manager's name. All User records that reflect the search term entered will appear. Scroll horizontally to view the 'Employee Link' column. Double-click the User record that does not have an Employee Link, or an Employee record connected to the User record, to open it.

On that User record's 'General' tab, change the User email to an incorrect email address and check the 'Inactive' checkbox before saving the record. This will ensure that the User will not be able to log in with these login credentials.

In the Users listing, double-click the User record that is connected to the Manager's Employee record.

Navigate to the 'User Roles' tab and add the Restaurant Manager's other Security Roles. To view all permission options, view R365's Security Role Descriptions. To provide your Manager access to certain reports, they can be added here. Learn more about Report Roles below. 

Before saving the record, ensure that the Manager's correct email is listed on this User record. When completed, save and close the User record. Notify your Manager of the change, as they will be able to access all necessary parts of the system through this one login. 

Report Roles

While Restaurant Managers can gain access to a range of reports, the following are recommended:

Learn how to assign Report Roles here.