The new Smart Ops Release is designed with Restaurant Managers in mind. This advanced window both transforms POS data into bite-sized widgets and graphs for on-the-fly decision-making and allows for transactions and records to be created easier and more efficiently than ever before through smart functionality and template use.

Further enhance this experience by adding Smart Labor to your plan. Once enabled, you can set up your Organization's labor configuration through the Labor Matrix and build Hourly Forecasts to better predict daily Labor needs. Restaurant Managers will also be able to view additional Labor Metrics on both the Operations and Labor Dashboards to make data-driven staffing decisions. These can even be made in real-time if Intraday Polling is enabled. 

Restaurant Managers and Schedulers will be auto-routed to the Home page where they can access various parts of this experience and take a glance at valuable Sales and Labor details. Watch your Managers thrive as they use this new Smart Ops Experience!

Note: This upgrade will be rolled out to all R365 databases over the course of 2021. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Customer Migration

Customers that are new to R365 as of 4/1/21 have been automatically updated to the new Smart Ops Experience while Customers that have been using R365 prior to 4/1/21 will be migrated over the next several months. 

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about your migration to the new Smart Ops Experience.

Printable Guides

The following are downloadable guides that can be printed and hung in your restaurant's back office:


Each feature includes a listing of the Primary and/or Secondary Roles needed to access a page and complete certain functions. Review each feature's overview article to ensure that the necessary Users have access to Smart Ops.

Users with the following Primary Security Roles have access to all Smart Ops features and their functions:

  • Full Access
  • Accounting Manager

Users with the following Security Roles have limited access to Smart Ops features and their functions:

  • Primary Security Roles:
    • Accounting Clerk
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Read Only Operations
  • Secondary Security Roles:
    • Varies depending on feature


Users can open Smart Ops by clicking 'Smart Operations NEW!' in either the Operations or Scheduling module. This will open the Smart Ops window. From the left navigation bar, Users can navigate to the corresponding areas of the system.

  • Note: Users with the 'Restaurant Manager' or 'Scheduler' Primary Security Role will be automatically directed to the Home page upon logging into the system.

1) Left Pane Collapse Button - This will collapse the pane

2) Home Page - This will open the Home page

3) Dashboards - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

4) Sales & Forecasting - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

5) Food - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

6) Commissary - This will be displayed only when Commissary is included in your R365 plan. When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

7) Labor - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

8) Team - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

9) Document Library - This will open Documents to Process

10) My Reports - This will open My Reports

11) Ad Hoc Reporting - This will be open Ad Hoc Reporting

12) Classic Dashboard - This will open the Ad Hoc Dashboard

13) Classic R365 Exp. - This will navigate the User out of the Smart Ops and into the Classic R365 Experience