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Vendor groups

Hi. I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on how you use vendor groups.

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Hi Jay

By way of example - we have vendor groups for:

Food Vendors

Bar/Alchohol vendors

Building R&M / Emergencies

Then I set up a view in the vendors page for each of these and filter the view by vendor group.

The benefit - When I train a new manager, I show them how easy it is to get a list of food vendors, or alcohol vendors, or R&M vendors.  

That view also shows the vendor contact name and number, and the text I've entered in the comments field for the vendor (Like "Order by 4pm Mondays for a Tuesday delivery, $500 minimum, etc...) This beats the manual list that historically got printed and hung in the office, only to become out of date a few days later.

Hope that helps

Eric Rickman

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