This article reviews the releases from Q1 of 2024.

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March 14, 2024


Purchase Order Form: On Hand Column

The purchase order form details grid was updated! The following changes were made:

  • The Theo on Hand column was renamed to On Hand.
  • On Hand values can now be edited, if necessary.
  • Hovering over edited On Hand values will show the original theoretical on hand value. 

For more information about the On Hand column, click here.

Purchase Order Grid: Comments Column

The purchase order grid now has a column that displays comments that were added to the purchase order.

Commissary: Auto-Generate Orders & Add Cut-Off Time to Customer Order Locations

When an ordering location type is set to Customer, users can now auto-generate these orders and set order cut-off times.


Scheduling - Day of the Week Abbreviations

Day of the week abbreviations have been added to the availability shown on the Scheduling Calendar.


Scheduling - Identifying Minors on Printed Schedules

Employees under the age of 18 can now be identified with a red dot on printed schedules by enabling the 'Identify Minors' print option.

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Create AP Payment from Bank Activity

Users can now create AP payments from withdrawals on the Bank Activity page by selecting the new AP Payment button in the transaction row. When this button is selected, the AP Payment record opens as a sidesheet with the several fields already completed using information from Bank Activity. For more information, see Create AP Payment from Bank Activity.

Updates to AP Transactions Table 

When an invoice is created using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature in Documents to Process, the Created By and Modified By columns on the AP Transactions table display the username of the person who created or updated the document. In addition to this change, a new Origin Data Source column has been added to display the source of the AP invoice.

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Separations and Rehires - Corrections

If an employee is separated or rehired inadvertently, the status change can be aborted by deleting the associated row from the Employment History section on the Employment tab of their Employee Record. Only separations and rehires with a date of 'today' or further in the future can be deleted.

Employee Merge - Default Availability Settings

When merging employees, the availability settings from the employee with the most restrictive settings are auto-populated as the default availability settings. These will not necessarily be the settings from the selected 'default' record.

Employee Onboarding - Duplicate Employee Warning

When onboarding an employee from their Employee Record, if the employee's name is the same as another employee who has already been onboarded, the 'Possible Duplicated Employees' confirmation message is displayed. 

Pay Run Details Page - Quality of Life Improvements

The Pay Run Details page has had a small facelift with a collection of quality of life improvements: 

  1. Back button clearly labeled
  2. Pay run type added
  3. One-time payment description added
  4. Previously Paid Tips column added
  5. Tips column added

Deduction Types - Net Adjustment

A new variable deduction type of 'Net Adjustment' has been added. This deduction type is used when making payroll corrections.

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Filter Subscriptions by Report Type

Users can now search and filter the Subscriptions page by Report Type. The a new column, labeled Report Type, allows users to filter the table by My Report, CFR Report, CFR Package, or all report types.

PTO Liability Report

The new PTO Liability Report provides users with detailed information about current accruals and pay rates for all employees at all locations to which the user has access. This information helps HR administrators and other high level users to better understand the financial liability of accrued and unused PTO. By knowing these costs ahead of time, the organization can plan and budget appropriately.

Updates to Advanced Weekly Sales and Labor Report

This release of the Advanced Weekly Sales and Labor Report features the following improvements:

  • The variance shown in the  For v Act Sales Var column is calculated by subtracting forecasted sales from actual sales.
  • A new Show Entree Count parameter has been added so that users can choose to show or hide entree counts in the generated report.
  • The following values now appear in red: For v Act Sales Var (if value is negative), Act v Sch Labor Var (if value is positive), and Sch v For Labor Var (is value is positive).

Weekly Labor Evaluation Identifies Minors

A new 'Identify Minors' parameter has been added to the Weekly Labor Evaluation. If the Identify Minors parameter is set to Yes, the report marks employees who are under the age of 18 with a 'MINOR' tag. This tag serves as a reminder to heed labor laws that apply to employees under a certain age and can help with labor analysis. 

For example, a high-level supervisor might wonder why an employee worked fewer hours than their peers. If it is because the employee is a minor, the tag in the report saves the supervisor time in discovering that reason.

Create Flexible Date Range in Cash Sheet Report

In previous releases of the Cash Sheet Report, the parameters included an 'As Of' date, which allowed the user to select a date from which to run the report.

In this release, the Cash Sheet Report parameters include both 'Start' and 'End' date fields, allowing the user to run the report for a more specific date range.

Labor Hour and Rate Analysis Shows Payroll IDs

The Labor Hour and Rate Analysis now displays the Payroll ID for each employee listed on the report, providing users with more detailed information related to the employee's wages and payroll.


Prep Sheet New Rounding Parameter

The Prep Sheet report has a new parameter. Users can now elect whether or not to round the calculated prep values to the nearest whole number.


February 15, 2024


Edit AP Transactions in Smart Ops

Users with the appropriate permissions can edit AP invoices or credit memos from the purchased item record Transactions tab. Users will be able to edit the following:

  • UofM

  • Each Amt

  • QTY

  • Vendor Item Mapping

Logbook Tags Updated Functionality

Logbook tags have been updated! Tags now generate with different colors, which can be managed from the logbook settings.

 Tags can also now be created and added from the Tags field when creating a log entry.

Purchase Order Last Order Amt and Last 4 Avg Column Values

The Purchase Order Last Order Amt and Last 4 Avg column values will now reference the last time the item was ordered using the same template, if applicable. 

When the PO is generated without using a template, the system will use the existing logic of using the last date of the item ordered.

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Memorized AP Form PO Actions Removed 

The two PO actions Submit PO and Print Order Guide were removed from the action menu on the memorized AP form. 

Check Run record renamed to Payment Run record

The Check Run record has been retitled to Payment Run record so that the name is now consistent with the navigation label. Because the Payment Run record is used to create many forms of payment, this new name also better describes the use of the page. 

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Employee Rehire Wizard

Separated employees can now be rehired on their Employee Record. Learn more about employee rehiring here.

Deduction Edits

Deductions associated with a single employee payment can now be edited along with earnings on the Payment Details page. Learn more about editing earnings and deductions here

PTO Accruals - Manager Tools Time Off Tab

The Time Off tab of the Manager Tools page lists all active, approved, and denied employee time off requests. Time off requests can be approved and denied on this page. Users can also create time off requests on behalf of employees. 

Clicking on the employee's name on the Unpayable Employees report will now open the employee's Employee Record. 

New Deduction Type - Simple IRA

Simple IRA has been added as a deduction type. 

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Subscribe to Custom Financial Reports

Users can now set up report subscriptions for Custom Financial Reports. When a user selects a report on the Custom Financial Reports page, a new Manage Subscriptions icon appears next to the report name. Select this icon to open the Subscriptions page of My Reports. From there, users can set up a subscription for the custom report.

PTO Balance Report now available

The new PTO Balance report allows users to export a spreadsheet file that contains the accrual balances as of today's date for all employees all at locations to which the user has access. This quick view can be helpful for managers who need to balance their employee's time off or HR administrators who occasionally need to assess the current balances of one or more employees. 

DSS Status Report now available

The new DSS Status report provides a daily update of all imports to the Daily Sales Summary, allowing users to view a quick list of successful imports.

Retitled reports

The following report names have been updated to improve searchability and to better describe the use of the report:

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Operation Calendar Attributes

The standard calendar attributes have been replaced with the following Operational Calendar attributes: 

New Operational Calendar AttributesLegacy Calendar Attributes
Operational PeriodCalendar Month
Operational QuarterCalendar Quarter
Operational WeekCalendar Week
Operational YearCalendar Year

Operational Calendar attributes will be based on the operational year that is set up in R365. See the R365 Intelligence Glossary, here

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January 25, 2024


R365 Classic App Deprecation

The Restaurant365 Classic App has been deprecated and removed from app stores. In its place, the Restaurant365 Red App can be used to accomplish your daily work, including:

R365 Red App - Available
R365 Classic App - Deprecated

For questions, please contact your CSM or R365 Support.

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Variance Review Tab QTY / $ Toggle & Current $ Cost Column

The Inventory Count Variance Review tab was updated! Users can now toggle between viewing the variance review table values by quantity or based on the current cost using the new QTY / $ toggle. 

A new Current $ Cost column shows the current cost of the item and is always visible regardless of the QTY /$ toggle setting. 

Purchase Order Form/Template Add Item Button

All buttons used to add items onto a Purchase Order or Purchase Order Template were consolidated into one +Add Item button with a dropdown that includes the following:

  • + All Primary Items 
  • + All Vendor Items 
  • + All Order Guide Items (templates only for users utilizing Order Guides) 

Purchase Order Form Collapsible Panel

The top panel on the Purchase Order form can now be collapsed to expand the item list.


Donation Reasons Show Inactive Toggle

When managing donation reason types, users can now elect whether or not to show inactive reasons on the list with the Show Inactive toggle.

Mass Fulfillment Order Guide Column

The Mass Fulfillment table now has an Order Guide column, where users can see which order guide was used for a commissary order in-grid. 

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Improvements to Documents to Process

In this release, several improvements and new features have been added to Documents to Process, including a new Recently Completed tab which allows users to view past documents in addition to several key improvements to the Draft Transaction side sheet, including:

  • The button used to access the vendor record is available only when a vendor is selected.
  • A new Attach button allows users to attach an existing transaction to the document.
  • An improved loading screen allows users to access the screen while some parts of the screen are still loading.
  • Improved handling of missing or unlinked items.
  • Improved overall performance.

Export Invoices on a Saved Payment Run

When invoices are selected on a saved Payment Run, an Export button appears. Users can select the Export button to download a condensed list of invoices for the Payment Run.  

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PTO Accruals - New Feature!

PTO Accruals allows for managing time off balances and earnings for employees in R365. Accrual policies are created through accrual rules. Accrual rules are then assigned to employees. Employees will have accrued balances for each accrual rule assigned to them. 

Our team is in the process of migrating customers from the legacy PTO Policies system to the new PTO Accruals system. If you have Workforce enabled, a Workforce Coach will reach out to manage this process in the coming weeks.

Payroll Journal Entries - Combined Bank Account Lines

The bank account entries on payroll journal entries can now be consolidated to a single entry for all of the employee payments and tax disbursements within the associated pay run. When the option to consolidate the bank account lines is disabled, each employee payment and tax disbursement is listed as a separate entry. 

The option to consolidate bank account lines is found on the Miscellaneous tab of System Preferences. 

Employee Separations - Editable Separation Details

Separation details for an employee can now be updated from the Employment History section on the Employment tab of their Employee Record.

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Requesting Time Off Using PTO Accruals - New Feature!

PTO Accruals is available on the R365 App! Employees with PTO Accruals can now view their time-off balances and submit new time-off requests using accruals.


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Proposed Employee Merges Report

The Proposed Employee Merges report provides users with a list of possible duplicate employee records for all locations to which the user has access. The report provides a reason for the suggested merge by calling out duplicated information.


Advanced Weekly Sales and Labor Report

The Advanced Weekly Sales and Labor report provides managers with a consolidated labor performance report across locations, so that they can view all sales and labor KPIs from one, easy-to-access report. 

Simple Payment File Export

The ACH Export can now export simple payment files. If a bank does not accept standard ACH files, users can configure the Bank record so that, when a bank account associated with that bank is selected on the ACH Export, the report provides a simple payment file instead of an ACH. To do this, navigate to the Bank record and select Simple Payment Export from the ACH Report drop-down. 

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