This article reviews the releases from Q1 of 2024.

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April 2024


Mobile Ordering

Create, manage, and submit purchase orders on the go! Ordering is now available on the R365 app.

Mobile ordering allows users to:

  • Create purchase orders from anywhere in the restaurant using a mobile device
  • Submit both single-vendor and multi-vendor orders
  • Use suggestions for accurate quantities
  • Utilize Barcode Scanning to add items even faster

Download the R365 app to get started!


Improvements to Documents to Process

This release of Documents to Process includes several improvements to the Draft Transaction page. The following adjustments have been made to increase accuracy and efficiency when reviewing and creating transactions:

  • When processing a transaction, the transaction automatically populates the Payment Terms field with the default Payment Terms assigned on the Vendor Record.

  • If the Due Date is not found on the uploaded document, the Due Date is automatically calculated and populated based on the assigned Payment Terms.

  • The Draft Transaction page now includes both a Save button and a Create button, allowing users to save progress without creating the transaction.

Current Approvers Can Edit Transactions In Workflows

When the Allow Approver To Edit Transaction checkbox is selected on a transaction in a workflow, the current approver can edit the transaction without needing to restart the approval process.


Downloadable Form I-9s

Downloadable Form I-9s can be added to the employee onboarding process by enabling the onboarding Form I-9 setting. Employees will be prompted to enter their information and upload supporting documents, while the employer portion of the I-9 is completed on the employee's Employee Record. Completed I-9s and attached documents are downloadable as a PDF.

Employee Record Documents Tab Layout Update

The Employee Record Documents tab has been updated with a new layout and look. 

Form 8027 Report

The Form 8027 report in R365 assists with the completion of IRS Form 8027. Once the report is completed in Workforce, users can use it to transfer the data from Workforce to the IRS form or to generate an electronic file for e-filing.

PTO Accruals - Fixed Date Rules for Recurring Periods

Recurring Period has been added as an option for fixed date type PTO accrual rules. This option is used to configure rules that accrue on a fixed re-occurring period, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

PTO Accruals - Version History

A version history list has been added to the PTO Accrual Rule sidesheet. Here, past and future versions of the rule can be accessed. 

PTO Accruals - Negative Balance Restriction

PTO requests that would result in a negative balance can no longer be approved if the associated PTO accrual rule does not allow negative balances. For these time off requests, the Approve button is disabled in both the Manager Queue and the Time Off tab of the Manager Tools page.

PTO Accruals - Historical Time Off Requests

Time off requests for dates in the past can now be created on the Time Off tab of the Manager Tools page.

Employee Record - Editable Job Titles

The job title of a job assigned to an employee can now be changed as long as the employee has not received any payments associated with that job. 

Employees Page - New Columns 

The following columns have been added to the column list of the Employees page:

  • Job Code (Primary Job)
  • Hourly Rate (Primary Job)
  • Salary Rate (Primary Job)


R365 Payments Report

The new R365 Payments Report generates a count of completed payments made using R365 Payments, by payment type and bank account. When expanded, the report displays a list of transactions that make up each payment. With the addition of this report, R365 Payments users gain improved tracking and better insight into how R365 processes their payments and sends those payments on to their vendors.

Include Other Earnings on Minimum Wage Adjustment

The Minimum Wage Adjustment now includes an Include Other Earnings parameter. If Yes is selected, the report includes earnings that are not associated with a shift. When this information is included in the report, the user receives a more comprehensive overview of wages and earnings for employees.

Labor by Employee by Job Report Displays All Labor Costs With Other Pay Column 

The Labor by Employee by Job Report now includes an Other Pay column, which displays any additional labor costs not covered by regular, overtime, or penalty pay. The addition of this column provides users with a more comprehensive overview of labor costs.

Filter Categories and Subcategories on Cash Sheet Export 

Parameters for the Cash Sheet Export allow users to choose which categories and subcategories are shown in the generated report. For example, when filtering by Payment Types, users can choose to view more detailed information for one or more of the Payment Type subcategories, such as Cash, Coupon, or Credit Card. If Credit Card is selected, the report displays all of the detailed information for credit card payments, but hides details for the other subcategories. The addition of these filters saves space on the report and decreases the amount of time it takes to generate the report.