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Accounting for Waste of a Menu Item

Does anyone know of a way to account for waste of a menu item?

It looks like the waste log entry is focused on purchase items, so is there a way to 'waste' a menu item that contains multiple purchase items?

For example, a burnt pepperoni pizza would waste: dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni.

Thanks - Eric-

If you check the inventory box on the menu item, you will be able to waste the menu item. However, I am pretty sure it will not break it down to the component prep or Purchase Items. You will get the quantity and cost of the wasted menu items.

Yes.. Provided you have a recipe for the Menu Item and the Menu Item has "Available in Inventory".

Then reason: When you select Available in Inventory you will be able to enter the "waste account" you would like to see that go to.

Once all the Inventory Cost areas are filled out, Save and Close and it will become available on your waste log. 

You will want to make sure all ingredients are entered in the recipe so it will waste the proper amount. Be happy to walk you through it. 

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Agreed. Was just testing this as an idea myself. Seems to hit each ingredient correctly. Just make sure the client knows not to inventory any MIs

One additional thing I noticed... if the an ingredient in the recipe is marked as a "actual is theoretical" it will over-ride this and track the waste anyway. So you could mark ingredients as having the same actual and theoretical usage and only see the variance when you enter waste recipes.

Thanks Guys, that makes sense.  And, if I understand correctly, the consensus is that a wasted Menu Item, will waste each separate ingredient and into the waste account assigned to each of the ingredients (purchase items) - is that correct?

On a similar question, has anyone figured out a way to enter waste items in R365 via the Toast POS integration?

I'd like my managers to be able to enter waste items nightly in the POS and have them flow into R365.  Any ideas?

Thanks!  Eric

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