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Scheduling Employees Before Opening a New Location

I'm opening a new location and looking for the best way to schedule our employees beforehand. Can someone talk me through best practices?

R365 will make it super easy. First thing first, you will need to make sure your POS is pulling into R365. From there R365 will capture all your employee data, including job codes and pay rates. this will make it easier. In the meantime if you are using templates for other locations you can copy those into your new location as a starting point this way once the employees roll in, you can assign the shift to your team. Have fun and good luck on your newest location

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And, if you have employees who are working at multiple locations within your organization, you can assign them to each of the locations within their employee record. R365 really does make it super eas.

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What have you found to be the best way to manage merging employee records when the same employee is added at multiple locations?  This is always challenging for us and is necessary so you can make sure not to schedule employees at two locations at one time and to make sure the employee can see their hours from all locations on the app

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