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Menu Item Promotion Data

I'm looking for guidance on the best way to compare Sales for a menu item promotion ran against other Locations and days for that item. Does anyone have advice?

Hello There, :) 

Using Ad Hoc Reports to compare sales for a menu item is a great way to compare.  R365 has a bunch of sample Ad Hoc Reports already built in their system, you can access and use those as a building block to customize the data to what you would like to see.    The Sample I would use for this particular scenario is called "Sales Details Crosstab" 


You can then add filters and set dates etc... there is also a great webinar to watch in the R365 Academy.  Check it out.  

If you get stuck feel free to reach out. :)

Joe Tidwell

Synergy Restaurant Accounting

Using the AD HOC reports will provide you exactly what you are looking for. AD HOC reporting is a great way to dive deep on location comparison -v- days of the week. You will also be able to set it up on a "rolling" days and tie it your dash board so you can see it on a daily basis. 

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