User Guidelines

Guidelines for Everyone

  • Be respectful of others and refrain from personal attacks. Don’t incite others against yourself, fellow users, or R365.
  • We provide this Community as a place to connect with fellow users and service partners so you can get the most out of R365. Constructive criticism of R365 is acceptable, but sustained use of the Community to protest R365 decisions won’t be tolerated.
  • No controversial or taboo topics (politics, religion, hot-button social issues, etc.).
  • Search before you post a new topic, and be thoughtful about where you post. If you’re unsure, ask a moderator. Help us keep the Community clean and organized so it’s user-friendly for all.
  • Don’t repost the same comment or question repeatedly. If a post doesn’t get the level of interaction you’re hoping for, respect the Community’s lack of interest and move on to the next discussion.
  • Address all Support issues directly to the R365 Support team. The Support team doesn’t actively monitor this Community for issues.
  • The Support team tracks and tallies bug reports exclusively through the R365 ticketing system. It’s okay to post bug reports here, but R365 will take no action on such reports independently of your ticket submissions. If moderators discover a bug report here with no corresponding ticket, we reserve the right to remove the post.
  • The Product team accepts feature suggestions exclusively at the R365 Idea Portal. It’s okay to post feature suggestions here, but R365 will take no action on such suggestions independently of your Idea Portal submissions. If moderators discover a feature suggestion here with no corresponding Idea Portal submission, we reserve the right to remove the post.

Additional Guidelines for Service Partners

  • Add value; don’t just spam your services.
  • Discuss business arrangements outside the Community.

Disciplinary Action

We reserve the right to take disciplinary action on those who violate these guidelines. Disciplinary action may include:

  • private or public warnings
  • post-publication content edits
  • institution of pre-publication moderation
  • pre-publication content edits
  • temporary or permanent loss of specific functionality privileges
  • temporary bans for repeat offenders
  • permanent bans for egregious offenders

All decisions about guideline violation and disciplinary action are made at the exclusive discretion of R365.

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