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Quick-Add UofM

Users can now quick-create a Unit of Measure from the Unit of Measure fields on the Purchase Item Record. When a UofM does not already exist, Users will have the option to create a new UofM, which will allow Users to create a new UofM without leaving the Purchase Item Record. 

Save and Create Another 

The 'Save and Create Another' option was added to several R365 forms! When selected, the 'Save and Create Another' option will immediately open a new form upon saving the current entry.

The 'Save and Create Another' option was added to the following forms in R365:

Inventory Count: 'Item Details' Table Views

Users can now create and save Table Views on the 'Item Details' grid when reviewing an Inventory Count.

Add Item to Purchase Orders by Item Number

Users can now add Items to Purchase Orders using the assigned Item Number.


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Restricted Access GL Accounts - Hide Transactions

If the activity related to a Restricted Access GL Account should not be visible for all Users, Transactions related to that GL Account can be hidden by checking the 'Restricted Access - Hide Transactions' setting on the associated GL Account Record. 

When 'Restricted Access - Hide Transactions' is enabled, all Transactions that contain a one or more lines with a restricted GL Account will be hidden from Users without the 'Access Restricted GL Accounts' Permission. Review the full list of pages and records that hide restricted access transactions here

The Payment Run form now displays a hyperlinked Payment Number when Payments have been created. Clicking the Payment number will open the AP Payment form. Voided Payments will display a 'Voided' status.

New Match Rule: ACH Payments Based on Date

A new Matching Rule matches bulk bank withdrawals to multiple ACH Payments based on their Payment Date

The system searches for multiple ACH Payments with the 'ACH' Payment Method or R365 Payments whose R365 Payment Method is 'ACH' that have the same Payment Date.

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Effective Start and End Dates for Salary Jobs

Changes to an Employee's Salary Job can now be managed through effective start and end dates. Learn more about Salary Job Effective Dates here.

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Past Quarters

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