This article is part of AP invoices and covers linking unlinked items. 

When there are unlinked vendor items on an AP invoice, users will have the option to link the item from the AP invoice form. In the event that there is no existing item to link to, users can elect to create a new item. This can be done by completing the Link Items sidesheet. 


To open the Link Items sidesheet, navigate to the Unlinked Items tab of the AP invoice items list. Click the find item button from beside the vendor item that needs to be linked. This will open the Link Items sidesheet.

The Link Items Sidesheet can be broken down into the following three sections.

  • Header
  • Item Information
  • Linked Purchase Order

# Unlinked ItemsTh number of unlinked items that needs to be linked. This number will change as items are linked. 
Link & CloseOnce all purchased items are linked to the vendor items, click Link & Close to complete the link of items and close the sidesheet.
Prev./Next ItemClick Prev Item to return to the previous unlinked item on the list. Click Next Item to go to the next unlinked item on the list. 

Item Information

Item ReceivedThe name of the unlinked vendor item received on the invoice.
Linked Item Click this field to locate a purchased item to link to. When selected, the name of the item will appear in the field.
+ Create New ItemIf there is no existing purchased item to link to, click the +Create New Item button to create a new purchased item to link to.

The new purchased item form within the Link Item sidesheet is a simplified version of a new purchased item record form from the items grid.
Item Ordered ColumnThe details in this column reflect the values of the item on the order. 
Assigned Details ColumnThe details in this column reflect the current values on the vendor item record. 
Vendor Item NumberThe number assigned to the vendor item. This field is for reference only. 
Purchasing UofMThe unit of measure for the vendor item. When blank, this field must be assigned before it can be linked.  This field is required to complete before closing.  
Split UofMThe split UofM for the vendor item.
QuantityThe number of units of the item.
Each AmountThe cost of each unit of the item. 

Linked Purchase Order

Any linked purchase orders and their information will appear here.

Linking an Item

To link a purchased item to the unlinked vendor item, click the Linked Item Name field and type in the name of the item. Locate and select the correct item from the list. 

Once the item is selected, make the correct Purchasing UofM selected. Then, click Link & Close.


In the case that the proper purchased item does not yet exist in the system, users can create a new purchased item to link to. To create a new purchased item, follow these steps:

Click the +Create New Item button. 
Select an item category 1, 2, and/or 3.
When an item category has an assigned item category prefix, users will be notified that the item category prefix will autofill into the item name. To confirm, click confirm.
Select a cost account and inventory account that this item will be debited to. These fields may be autofilled if the assigned item category has accounts associated with it.
Enter a name for the item. If any of the assigned item categories has an item category prefix, the item will take the item prefix of the deepest category selected. 
Select a measure type for the item.

Important Note: Ensure that the Measure Type is entered correctly because once the Item record is saved, the Measure Type will be locked and unchangeable.
Select an inventory UofMand a reporting UofM.
Click create item to finalize the creation of the item. 
Once the item is entered, click Link & Close to complete the link and close the sheet.