This article reviews separating Employees from a Workforce Payroll Company. 

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Employee Separation Overview

When an Employee is onboarded to Payroll, they are associated with the Payroll Company for their work Location. If an Employee is onboarded to multiple Payroll Companies, they can be separated from one or all of them at the same time. 

When an Employee is separated from a Payroll Company, they will no longer be included in traditional Pay Runs for that Payroll Company, and cannot receive One-Time Payments from that Payroll Company.

The Employee's payroll status per Payroll Company is viewable in the 'Jobs' section of the 'Employment' tab of their Employee Record.

If an employee has not completed onboarding, they can be separated even if all of the fields normally required to save their Employee Record have not been completed. Once the employee's separation date has passed, the onboarding portions of  'My Pay' on the R365 Mobile App and the 'Summary' tab of their Employee Record will no longer be displayed.  

When an employee has a separation date in the future, their payroll status will not be updated to 'Separated' until the separation date has passed. If an employee has a future separation date for all payroll companies associated with them, the separation wizard will not open; instead, the following message will be displayed when attempting to open the separation wizard: 'This employee has already been separated from all payroll companies.'

Separating an Employee

Navigate to the desired Employee's Employee Record, then follow these steps to separate that Employee from one or more Payroll Companies:

Open the 'Action' dropdown menu

Click 'Separate'
Select Legal Entities for Locations that the Employee will be separated from

Unselect continuing Legal Entities for Locations where the Employee will remain active

Enter required separation details:

  • Separation Type:
    • Voluntary
    • Involuntary
    • Involuntary Without Cause
  • Separation Date 
  • Eligible for Rehire

Enter optional separation details:
  • Notice Date
  • Notes

 Upload separation documentation.

Once the employee separation is complete, the uploaded document(s) will appear on the 'Documents' tab of the employee's Employee Record in the 'Separation' folder.


Note: Uploaded documents can be removed by clicking 'Remove All' or the 'X' icon for the document.
Click 'Complete Separation'