May 11, 2022

Daily Sales Metrics as Net Sales or Gross Sales

Quickly switch between displaying Net Sales or Gross Sales in the Daily Sales Metrics section of the Smart Ops Home Page.

Invoice Comments are Now Available in List View

Comments made on Invoices can now be viewed directly on the Smart Ops Invoice Page without clicking into the Invoice. This new column helps Users save time by seeing at a glance if there are comments associated with a transaction.

Catch Threshold Violations Quicker!

No need to navigate to the Alerts tab to identify Threshold Violations. Alerts for Threshold Violations are now highlighted in red on the Details tab of Smart Ops Invoices. See supporting documentation to learn more about this alert.

April 7, 2022

Lock Punch Edits Automatically

Build out Pay Cycles in R365 that will allow the system to auto-lock the Labor section of all DSSs in that Pay Cycle from being edited so that payroll can be processed on time. See supporting documentation to learn more about this feature.

Submit Purchase Orders via EDI to Process Your Orders Faster!

Enable EDI for available Vendors to bypassing the middle man and input orders directly into the Vendor's system. This will speed up the processing time for your orders and cause less opportunity for errors. See supporting documentation to learn more about this feature.

Build Workflow Approval Groups for My Workflows

Multiple Users can be grouped together and assigned to a set approval level. This enables one of several Users to approve transactions rather than being limited to one approver at a set level. See supporting documentation for more information.