If your Organization is looking to change POS Systems in the near future, it is important to note that R365 has an integration set up with over 90 POS Systems, but not all. Click here to view the list of POS Systems that have an integration with R365.

After your new POS is integrated with R365, the following will occur:

  • New Payment Types - Any new Payment Types will need to be mapped to the correct GL Account and will appear as a task on the To Do Checklist
  • New Sales Accounts - Any new Sales Accounts will need to be mapped to the correct GL Account and will appear as a new task on the To Do Checklist
  • New Menu Items - Any new Menu Items will need to be assigned to the correct Recipe records
  • New Employee Records - New POS Employee records will be brought in from the POS if Employees will be given a new POS ID. These will then need to be merged with their R365 Employee records

Before beginning this process, complete the following steps:

  1.  Reconsider your current Payment Type Separation, Sales Accounts Separation, and Menu Items Separation setup. Since you will be transitioning to a new POS System, it might be a beneficial time to update these selections. This can be done on the 'Miscellaneous' tab of System Preferences
  2.  Copy your current item list over to the new POS. If item names are spelled differently or incorrectly, they will be brought in to R365 as new records. To avoid this, download your current item list and copy it to your new POS
  3.  Reach out to your R365 Coach or Customer Success Manager to determine best practices for your organization