Full Access is a Primary User role that provides the User access to the entire system and all of its features. When new features are added to the system, a Full Access User will be able to navigate to and utilize the feature upon release, regardless of module.

Who should have full access?

Because this role provides the User with access to the entire system, it is recommended that only a System Admin User has this Security Role.

How does a User gain full access?

A User can have their Security Access updated from their User record or the User Roles screen.

User Record

Updating a User's Security Role can be done through their User record. Navigate to the Users listing by clicking 'Users' under 'Administration' in either the Accounting or Operations module and then double-clicking the desired User record.

When the record opens, navigate to the 'User Roles' tab to view a listing of both system and reporting access. Above the User Roles grid, the Full Access toggle will be listed. 

To provide the User with Full Access, enable the Full Access toggle and then save and close the record.

User Roles Screen

The User Roles screen allows a User to update multiple Users' Security Roles at one time. 

To navigate to the User Roles screen, hover over 'Administration' in the top ribbon and then 'Users & Security' and click 'User Roles'. 

The User Roles screen will load where all System Users will be listed. Next to the corresponding Employee(s), click the 'Full Access' checkbox to provide them with full System Access. Ensure to save before closing the window.