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If Smart Labor is enabled, a variety of additional features are included that reflect the Daily Forecasts and Hourly Forecasts, which are described in this article. Viewing the Calendar in the 'Day' view provides the added benefit of seeing any variance in forecasted versus scheduled Jobs as well as view the Schedule based on Day Part.

This article complements the Scheduling: Schedule Calendar training by reviewing these added features to the Schedule when using Smart Ops. 


Navigate to Smart Ops, then click 'Schedule' under 'Labor' to view the Schedule Calendar.

Employee / Job View Added Functions

Open the Employee or Job form by clicking the listed name or title, respectively, while in the corresponding view. From this sidesheet, Users can view and edit Employee and Job forms.

Sales and Labor Forecast Header

1) OT Hours - The amount of over time scheduled for the week

2) Fixed Labor Var - The total variance of Fixed Labor Jobs. When negative, the text will be displayed in red

3) Sales - The Sales Forecast for the week (first column) or day (following columns)

4) Labor - This value is calculated based on the Advanced Metrics settings fund in 'View & Template Options'. These metrics include:

  • Burdened - Labor Estimates are calculated using (Employee Hours * Pay Rate) + All Percentage Estimates (Employee Benefit percentages per the Labor Estimates on the Location Record or when utilizing Departments, on the Department Record, and Management Estimates (including Management Benefits))
  • Unburdened- Labor Estimates are a straight calculation of Hours * Pay Rate for all Employees. No Management Estimates or Benefits included

5) Labor +/- - The difference between the Labor % Goal and Labor %.  Labor % Goal is found on the Location record on the Goals tab (or when utilizing Departments, on the Department Record) where a goal can be entered for labor as a percent of sales for each day of the week.  When negative, the text will be displayed in red 

6) Entrees - The Entree Forecast for the week (first column) or day (following columns)

7) EPLH -  The forecasted Entrees per scheduled labor hour

8) Labor Forecast - The total Labor Hours forecasted for that week (first column) or day (following columns)

9) Total Staff +/- - The variance between the total Forecasted Labor and the total Scheduled Labor. When this equals zero, a green check mark will appear. Otherwise, the variance will display in red 

A User is given a detailed look into the Sales and Labor data each hour during the selected Business Day's hours when the view has been toggled to 'Day'. The Forecasts with '$-' indicate that there are no Sales forecasted for the hour, causing no Labor to be forecasted as well. This typically occurs outside of Operating Hours or when a Custom Labor Forecast has not been generated yet. 

Note: Once the DSS for a day has been polled, this table will reflect actual Sales and Labor information for that day instead of forecasted information. 

Forecasting Tool Tips

Tool tips are provided on the header of the Schedule Calendar to display additional information about Fixed Labor and Sales and Labor Forecasts.

Fixed Labor Variance

When hovering over the Fixed Labor Variance amount, a tool tip will appear that lists the Jobs and the hours that make up the variance between the Forecasted and Scheduled amount of Fixed Labor. Hours will be displayed as fractional hours so as to show an accurate view of the Fixed Labor Variance.

Sales and Labor Forecasts

Hovering over the Sales and Labor Forecasts for both the Individual Days and the Weekly Total will display the following information in a tool tip:

  • Forecast- The Forecasted Sales for the day/week . This is hyperlinked to the Monthly Forecast Calendar, which can only be accessed by Users with the following Permission:
    • Sales & Cash → Forecasts → Monthly Forecasts → View Monthly Forecasts
  • Forecast Variance - The Actual Sales Variance from the the forecast. This number will be displayed as red if the variance is greater than 5% and green if within 5%
  • Labor Goal - The daily/weekly Labor Goal. This is hyperlinked to the 'Labor Goals' tab of the Location record, which can only be accessed by Users with the following Permission:
    • Administration → Locations → View Locations

Labor Breakdown by Job

Users who create a Custom Labor Matrix by Job Code will be able to view those Job Code Labor Forecasts individually on the Schedule underneath 'Labor Forecast' for both the Day and Week Views. Therefore, the 'Labor Forecast' total row will display the sum of only the Job Codes that are displayed, and the 'Total Staff +/-' variance row will only compare shifts from the Job Codes that are displayed against this filtered total row. 

Day Parts Setup

From the Calendar Day View, Users can both create and view a Day Part on the Schedule. While Day Parts can also be created and edited from the Labor Matrix, any updates made from the Schedule Calendar will update the changes made in the Labor Setup window.

The Day Parts selector will display the selected Day Parts above their corresponding hours in on the Schedule Calendar. If Day Parts need to be set up or updated, click 'Configure Day Parts' listed directly under the Day Parts selector. This will open a window that includes three tabs: Location Dayparts, Dayparts Settings, and Operating Hours.

  • Note: Only Users with the following permission will be able to create and/or edit Day Parts for Locations that they have access to:
    • Labor → Scheduling → View/Edit Labor Matrix Setup

Location Dayparts Tab

The Location Dayparts tab is where custom Day Parts can be created, edited, or deleted. To add a new Day Part, simply click the Add iconand enter in the name of the new Day Part. Any number of Day Parts can be entered as long as each Day Part is uniquely named.

Ensure that all changes made to this tab are saved by clicking 'Save' in the bottom corner of the modal.

Dayparts Settings Tab

The Dayparts Settings tab allows for the hour configuration to be created for each Day Part on each day. To set up Day Part hours, click the Add iconbelow the grid, select the desired Day Part, and then set the Start and End Times for that Day Part. Repeat these steps for each Day Part.

While days can be individually entered by selecting the desired day above the hour configuration grid, a set configuration can be copied to another day by clickingjust below the grid in the right corner.

The 'Copy Day Parts' modal will appear where the User can determine which days should have the same hour configuration. Only the days that have the same set hours as the current day will be listed in the modal.

Once all desired days are selected, click 'Copy'. A confirmation pop-up will appear displaying that the these updates will override any existing setup. Click 'Yes' to apply the changes made. Before saving the modal, ensure that all hour configurations are set for each day.

Operating Hours Tabs

The Operating Hours tab displays the current set up for this Location. Update the Operating Hours as needed and then ensure to save the changes made before reviewing and updating the Dayparts Settings tab based on the new times.