This article is part of the documentation on the GL Account Record.  Click here for more information on GL Accounts

Operational Reports Category is a setting on the GL Account Record for GL Accounts that have a GL Type that appears on the P&L Report.  

Operational Reports Categories include the following:

  • Sales - Food
  • Sales - N/A Beverage
  • Sales - Liquor
  • Sales - Beer
  • Sales - Wine
  • Sales - Retail/Other
  • Sales - General
  • Discount (exclude from sales)
  • COGS - Food
  • COGS - N/A Beverage
  • COGS - Liquor
  • COGS - Beer
  • COGS - Wine
  • COGS - Retail/Other
  • COGS - General
  • Labor - FOH
  • Labor - BOH
  • Labor - Salaried
  • Labor - General
  • Other Key Controllable

Operational Reports Categories allow the User to assign a GL Account to one of several categories used on various Operational Reports.  These reports are ran from within My Reports.  Operational Reports Categories can be broken down in to three separate groups:

  1. Sales
  2. COGS
  3. Labor & Other

The following is a sample of the reports that utilize the Operational Reports Category assignments in at least one of the groupings mentioned above:

  • Ad Hoc Reports - customize your own reports using the assigned Operational Reports Categories
  • Stock Usage
  • Period Purchases Analysis by Vendor
  • COGS Allotment
  • COGS Analysis by Location
  • Sales and Labor Budget Chart
  • Location Vital Signs Report
  • Item Cost Analysis Report
  • Sales vs. Labor Report
  • Sales and Labor Productivity Report
  • Sales and Prime Cost Report