Location Records can be created via the Restaurant365 Setup Assistant. Users with the following permission will be able to to access the Setup Assistant via the Administration Menu:

Note: If the Location Record you are adding will be a POS Integrated Location, ensure to update the POS Integration Settings on the Location record and then contact R365 Support or your R365 Sales Rep to begin the process of adding a new POS Integrated Location. For non-POS Locations, there is no associated monthly fee.

Adding New Location Tasks

Adding a New Location requires Users to complete setup tasks. Follow this checklist to add a New Location:

Create a New Location
Update the Location Record with the following POS Integration Settings (if applicable)
Add necessary Bank Accounts
 Submit a Support Ticket to request POS Integration and Vendor Integrations for the new Location.
  • Note: Submit each ticket separately (per POS and per Vendor) to ensure that the ticket is resolved efficiently.
 Setup the operational information for the new Location, which will depend on if the Location belongs to an Existing Concept or a New Concept.

Existing Concept
Create necessary new Inventory Templates or Copy an Existing Template for the desired template.

New Concept
Create new Purchased Item Records that are currently not in the database
Map new Vendor Items that will be used for invoicing.
Create a new Inventory Count Template from the Inventory Counts Page

Begin performing Inventory!

Click here to download a printable PDF of this checklist

To troubleshoot any issues encountered when completing the checklist, please open a support ticket.