Location Records can be created via the Restaurant365 Setup Assistant.  A User with the security role of User Setup will have access to the Setup Assistant via the Administration menu.  

Note: If the Location Record you are adding will be a POS Integrated Location, ensure to update the POS Integration Settings on the Location record and then contact R365 Support or your R365 Sales Rep to begin the process of adding a new POS Integrated Location. For non-POS Locations, there is no associated monthly fee.

Create a New Location

Navigate to the Administration menu in the top ribbon and select 'Setup Assistant'.


Once loaded, navigate to the 'Locations' section in the 'Organization' tab and click the 'Add Location' button to open the New Location Form.

This action will open the New Location form where the User with then be able to enter the Location record information and then 'Save'.

If Sales and Labor data should be polled from this Location's POS, ensure to update the Location record with the following POS Integration Settings.