A Sales Item, or a 'Sell Only' Item, is something you are going to sell to a Customer but are not going to enter in your POS system. It may be something such as consulting services or rental of equipment. It is an item that you will add to an AR Invoice and send to your customers for payment.  Sell Only Items can also be used in the Franchising Module, or in the Commissary Module

To add a New Sales Item to Restaurant365, hover over the 'Item' menu and select 'New Sales Item'.  The Item Form will load in a new tab


Item Form

  1. On the General Tab, enter the Sales Item Name.  This will be the name that will be displayed throughout R365 and on the AR Invoice (or Franchise Billing Statement)
  2. Optionally, enter the Number, Description and update the optional Sales Item Module and Reporting Settings
  3. On the Sales Tab, enter the Sales information for the Item.  Note: the 'ACH Deposit Account' can be used in the creation of Franchise Fees to direct which Deposit Account should receive the Funds from the receipt of the ACH Payment

  4. On the Item Category Tab, select the Item Categories for the Sales Item

  5. Save the Record
  6. Sales Items can be viewed in the 'Sales Items' list of the 'Accounts Receivable' subsection in the Accounting Module, or in the 'Items' list in the 'Inventory' subsection of the Operations Module