AP Credit Memos can be entered in Restaurant365 to record any credits that are due.  Credit Memos can then be applied to Open AP Invoices.

To record an AP Credit Memo, hover over the ‘Vendor’ menu in the top ribbon and select ‘ Credit Memo’.

The AP Credit Memo form will open in a new tab:

1) Number - Enter the Credit Memo number.  If no CM Number is available, create one

2) Vendor - Select the Vendor

  • Note: depending on the Vendor Entry method (set on the Vendor record), the details grid will be set to 'Account' or 'Item'.  When entering the details by Item, you'll be able to credit back to the exact inventory item if your Vendor has the Entry method set to 'By Item'

3) Date - Enter the CM Date

4) Comment - Add an optional CM Comment

5) Amount - Enter the CM Total Amount

6) Location - Select the Location that will appear on the header of the CM

7) GL Account Selector - Enter the details of the CM starting with the First GL Account

8) Amount - The line item detail amount

9) Comment - The line item detail comment (optional)

10) Location Selector - The line item detail Location (will default to the Location in the header, but can be changed)

11) Add button - The line item Add button

Enter the header details including Number, Vendor, Date and Amount.  Location will default to the User's default Location, but can be changed as needed.  Upon adding a value to the Amount field, an 'Unassigned Amount' warning will appear.  This warning will remain until the Amount is equal to the total detail amounts in the Details grid

Proceed to enter the line item details in the Details grid.  Depending on the Vendor selected, the Details grid will be displayed by Account, or by Item.

  • For Vendors by Account, select the desired GL Account, set the Amount, verify the Location, then click Add.
  • For Vendors by Item, select the Purchased Item, verify the U of M, update the Quantity and Each Amount and verify the Location, then click Add

Repeat this process until the full CM Amount is equal to the detail amounts and the Unassigned Amount warning disappears.

With all header and detail information entered, the CM is ready to be Saved and Approved.

Applying CM to Open AP Invoices

Before Approving the CM, the User has the option of Applying the CM to an Open AP Invoice on the 'Apply' tab.  All Open AP Transactions for the selected Vendor will be displayed here.

Check the box on the AP Invoice line in the Apply column to apply the CM to the specified invoice.

Now that the CM has been applied it is ready to be Saved and Approved.