This article reviews the 'Adding and Editing Earnings and Deductions' feature on the Payment Details page within Workforce. 

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The earnings and deductions within a single payment can be edited on the Payment Details page. For earnings and deductions to be editable, the payment must already have at least one earning, and the associated pay run must be in the 'Ready to Calculate' or 'Calculated' status. 

Earning Groups

Each time an earning is added to a payment, it is listed as a single entry. Earning entries are grouped and totaled when they share all of the following:

  • Type
  • Location
  • Job
  • Rate

The top level of the earning group is not editable, and represents the line item that will appear on paystubs. Editing any earnings in the earning group will update the total for the group. 

Time-Based and Cost-Based Earnings

Time-based earning types are associated with a specific job, and are calculated based on pay rate and hours. When editing time-based earning types, only the hours will be editable. When adding time-based earning types, the job, rate, and hours must be entered.

Cost-based earning types are calculated as a flat amount. When editing cost-based earning types, only the amount will be editable. When adding cost-based earning types, only the amount must be entered. 

Deduction Corrections and Employee Repayment

Deduction corrections are used to correct a deduction error and repay the employee. Deduction corrections ensure that the employee's tax withholdings are accurate for the repayment. Deduction corrections are applied pre-tax or post-tax, depending on the deduction type, and will be reflected in tax calculations for the payment.

Entering a negative amount for a deduction will create a deduction correction, and the employee's net earnings will be increased. Deduction corrections cannot reduce the year-to-date (YTD) amount of the associated deduction below zero.

Deduction corrections can also be created through one-time deduction imports

Removing Earnings or Deductions

Once added, earnings and most deductions cannot be deleted. Editable earnings and deductions that have incorrect types, locations, jobs, etc. are removed from the payment by setting the hours or amount to '0.00'. 


Variable type deductions can be deleted by clicking the trashcan icon for their entry line. 

Saving Changes

Edits made to earnings and deductions are not automatically saved. The 'Save Changes' button will save any changes made and recalculate the payment. When the '< Pay Run Details' button at the top of the page is clicked, the user will be prompted to save or discard changes. Navigating away from the Payment Details page in any other manner will discard all changes

When edits are saved, the payment will be recalculated for deductions, taxes, and MTD/YTD totals. 


Users with the following permission will be able to add and edit earnings and deductions:

  • Payroll → Workforce Payroll → Payments → Edit Payments

Learn more about managing permissions and custom user roles here. The Permission Access Report can be used to determine which user roles or users already have these permissions assigned. Learn more about user setup and security here.

For users without this permission, the 'Add Earnings', 'Add Deductions', and 'Save Changes' buttons are hidden, and earning-specific information is not editable.

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Adding Earnings

Addable Earning Types

The following earning types can be added to payments:

Time-Based Earning Types:

  • Double Time Hourly
  • Holiday
  • Additional Holiday
  • Overtime Hourly
  • Paid Time Off
  • Regular Hourly
  • Regular Salary
  • Sick Pay
  • Vacation
  • Training Hours

Cost-Based Earning Types:

  • Payroll Advance
  • Bereavement
  • Bonus
  • Clopening Penalty
  • Commission
  • Emergency Paid Sick Leave (FFCRA)
  • Emergency Paid FMLA Leave (FFCRA)
  • ISO Disqualifying Disposition
  • ISO Qualifying Disposition
  • Loan
  • NSO Transaction
  • Per Diem
  • Previously Paid Tips
  • Contractor Pay
  • Reimbursement (Non-Taxed)
  • Retro Pay
  • RSU Transaction
  • Separation Pay
  • Service Charge
  • Split Penalty
  • Spread of Hours
  • Tips
  • Tip Credit
  • Fringe Benefit
  • Reporting Time Pay

Adding Additional Earnings

While on the Payment Details page, follow these steps to add additional earnings:

Click the '+ Add Earnings' button above the Gross Earnings list.

The 'Add Earning' wizard will open.


Select the earning type.

Enter the earning details based on the earning type.

Time-Based Earning Types:

Job - Job associated with the earning. 
  • Note: Only jobs assigned to the employee on their Employee Record will be available to select from.

Rate - Pay rate for the earning.

Hours - Hours of the earning.

Cost-Based Earning Types:

Amount - Dollar amount of the earning.

Click 'Add' to add the earning or 'Add Another' to add the earning and refresh the 'Add Earning' wizard.

Click Save Changes at the top of the page.

Note: If a payment contains only earnings populated through one-time payments that are set to be paid 'As Soon As Possible', additional earnings cannot be added on the Payment Details page. Additional earnings must be added by editing the one-time payment instead.

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Editing Earnings

Editing Restrictions

The following earnings cannot be edited:

  • Salary earnings that were auto-populated for the pay period. 
    • Note: Manually-added salary earnings can be edited.
  • PTO earnings that were auto-populated for the pay period.
    • Note: Manually-added PTO earnings can be edited.
  • All earnings populated through one-time payments set to be paid 'As Soon As Possible'.


Editing Existing Earnings

To edit existing earnings:

Expand the earning group containing the desired earning.


Edit the 'Hours' or the 'Amount' of the earning, depending on the earning type.

Note: Changing the hours or amount to 0.00 will remove the earning from the payment.

Click 'Save Changes' at the top of the page.

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Manually Adding Deductions

Only variable type deductions can be manually added to a payment.

Variable Type Deductions:

  • Other Post Tax Deduction
  • Instant Deposit Fee
  • Dues
  • Employee Meal
  • Union Dues
  • Employee Uniform
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fringe Benefit Offset
  • Net Adjustment

Follow these steps to manually add a deduction:

Click the '+ Add Deduction' button above the Pre-Tax Deductions list.

The 'Add Deduction' wizard will open.

Select a variable type deduction.
Enter the amount.
Click 'Add' to add the deduction or 'Add Another' to add the deduction and refresh the 'Add Deduction' wizard.

Click 'Save Changes' at the top of the page. 

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Editing Deductions

Follow these steps to edit existing deductions:

Locate the desired deduction in the Pre-Tax or Post-Tax Deductions section
Adjust the amount.

Note: Adjusting the amount to $0.00 will remove the deduction from the payment.

Note: Entering a negative amount will create a deduction correction, and the employee's net pay will be increased. Negative deductions cannot reduce the employee's YTD total for the deduction below $0.00.

Click 'Save Changes' at the top of the page.

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