This is a part of the Report Subscriptions feature. Click here to learn more about Report Subscriptions.

Report Subscriptions will need to be managed over time to better reflect your current Restaurant Management. Whether a Report Subscription needs to be edited, deactivated, or deleted altogether, any change can be manually made through the Report Subscriptions Management page

Edit a Report Subscription

Navigate to the Report Subscription Management page and find the Report Subscription that needs to be edited. Click the Row Context Menulisted next to the desired Report Subscription and then click 'Edit' to open the 'Edit Email Subscription' sidesheet.

When the sidesheet opens, update the necessary information and then ensure to save before closing the sidesheet.

Report Setup

1) Report - A listing of all reports that can be selected for this Report Subscription. The Reports available in this listing are the Reports the User has access to based on their Report role

  • Note: Only one Report can be selected

2) Report View - The Report Views that were created for this Report and that the Report will be ran by at the scheduled time. Select the desired view based on the Recipient(s) that will receive this Report. Click here to learn more about Report Views

3) Subscription Name - The name used for this Subscription. Enter in a unique name to differentiate this Report Subscription from other records on the Report Subscription Management Page

4) Active Toggle - This will activate the Report Subscription when toggled on. If this is not enabled, the Report Subscription can still be created but will remain inactive until activated


5) To - The User(s) who will receive the selected Report. Both System and Non-System Users can have their Email Addresses entered


6) Frequency - The amount of time that the selected Report will be scheduled to run for. Select one of the following options:

  • Daily - When selected, the User can choose whether the Report will be sent either on the weekdays only or every day

  • Weekly - When selected, the User can choose the day(s) of the week that the Report should be sent

  • Monthly - When selected, the User can choose either a specific day or a selected time of the month to send the Report

7) Start Date - The first day that the Report will be sent

8) Send Time - The time when the Report will send

9) Time Zone - The time zone to determine when the Report will send

10) Export Type - The manner in which the Report will be shared. Options include:

  • PDF
  • Excel