The following training articles will assist Restaurant Accountants in understanding the key financial functions of the system.

Navigation and Reports

Working with Lists
Accounting Reports
Setting Up 'My Reports'
Formatting the Profit and Loss report

General Ledger

Adding a GL Account
New Journal Entry
Payroll Journal Entry Overview
Importing Journal Entries


Budgeting Overview
Creating A New Budget
Updating A Budget

Accounts Payable

Adding A New Vendor
Entering AP Invoices
Mass Invoice Entry
Importing AP Transactions
Creating A Memorized AP Transaction
Entering An AP Credit Memo
Manual Payment (Pay One Vendor)
Check Run
View Credits Button On The Check Run
Check Run Field Descriptions
Printing MICR Checks
Company Address On Check
Check Signature Printing
ACH Payment Set-up


Adding A New Bank Account
Bank Withdrawal
Bank Transfer
Bank Deposit
Using The Bank Activity Screen
Recording AMEX Charges
Bank Reconciliation
Positive Pay

Accounts Receivable

Adding A New Customer
AR Invoice
AR Credit Memo
Adding A New Sales Item
AR Customer Payment
House Account

POS Integration Administration

POS Integration Overview
Sales Accounts Overview
Payment Type Accounts
Job Titles
Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
What if my POS numbers don't match?

Items and Inventory

Creating A Beginning Inventory Count
Item Costing
Recipe Costing