Historical Sales (sales data that occurred prior to cut-over) can be imported in a simplified manner into Restaurant365. Historical Sales are created using the R365 Historical Sales import template. Historical Sales exist in Restaurant365 for the comparison purposes only. They will appear as the prior year (PY) comparison values for current sales on the Flash Report and Weekly Review Report.  Click here for more information on the Flash Report.

Importing Historical Sales

Ensure that you prepare your Historical Sales using the R365 Historical Sales Import Template. All data must be entered according to the template structure: Date, Location, Net Sales, and Guest Count.

When your file is ready for upload, hover over 'Administration' in the top ribbon and click 'Import'. This will open the import window.

Enter 'Historical Sales' in the 'Options' field and 'Create New' in the 'Type' field. From here, you can download a template, if not having previously done so, or simply upload a completed file. After mapping the fields, click 'Import' while in the 'Import' tab to upload your Historical Sales.

Click here for more information on the Import Tool.