Forms is a feature that allows users to create and customize checklists that can then be used inside Guides. Forms is part of the Task Management add-on. Users must purchase Task Management to have access to Forms.


With forms, users can create checklists of questions to be answered or tasks to be done. A single form can be used to create a list of subitems required to complete a specific task. For example, a form can be created that is a checklist of tasks that must be completed as part of a manager's opening duties. Or, a form may be created with a list of items and questions that must be filled out when completing an injury report. Forms can be created for both scheduled and unscheduled tasks and can be created to be available for a specific location or multiple locations. 

To create a form, users with the appropriate permissions can create form templates. When a form is needed, users will fill out the form that is based on the form template. These can then be submitted when completed.

Forms integrate with Task Management. When a Task Management guide is created, users can utilize the form task type, which will require the creation or submission of the selected form to complete the task on the guide. All submitted and completed forms will be listed on the Existing Forms list.

Note: Task Management is an add-on to Operations. Please contact your Sales Representative to learn how the Task Management add-on can enhance your R365 experience. 



The permissions listed here are associated with Forms. These permissions can be added to custom user roles or single users. Learn more about managing permissions and custom user roles here

Forms permissions are found in the permission tree as follows:

  • Administration

    • Form Templates

      • Edit Form Templates

      • Create Form Templates

      • Delete Form Templates

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which user roles or users already have these permissions assigned.

Learn more about user setup and security here.

This page can be accessed by clicking Forms from under Forms in the left navigation menu. 

Forms Page

Form Templates A preview of existing form templates will appear in this section. The most recently used forms are previewed in this section.

Click the arrow icon to expand or collapse this section.
Template ActionsTemplate actions can be used to do the following:
  •  - Search the form templates for a specific template using keywords.
  •  - Refresh or update the form templates.
View All Form TemplatesOpens the assortment of all form templates. 
Build New Form TemplateCreates a new form template. Learn more about creating form templates.
Template An individual form template. Clicking on a template tile will open up the form template, where users can view or edit the template. This is dependent on both the user and form permissions.

The template tile will have the following information:
  • Form template name
  • Last used by information
  • Form template description
  • Fill Out Form button

Fill Out FormOpens the selected form to complete.
Existing Forms GridList of all existing forms both in progress and submitted. Each form entry listed includes the following information:
  • Form Number
  • Location
  • Category
  • Form Date
  • Status
  • Completion
  • Submitted By
Read more about the grid columns below. 
Grid Functions

As with all smart grids, the Existing Forms grid on this page features the following table functions:

  •  - Search for specific keywords.

  • - Save/edit Table Views.

  • - Select which columns to show or hide on the grid.

  • - Filter column information

  • - Edit Row Height to be smaller or larger. This function is accessible from the menu.

  • - Export the table to a .csv file. This function is accessible from the menu.

  • - Refresh. This function is accessible from the menu.

Learn more about working with Smart Grids here

Existing Forms Grid

Form NumberForm number assigned to the form. The Form Number will include the name of the form template used followed by a system-assigned number.  
LocationLocation that the form was completed for.
CategoryCategory associated with the form. The form category is configured when creating the form template.
Form DateDate assigned to the form when completing the form.
StatusStatus of the form.

In Progress forms are partially completed and have not yet been submitted.
Submitted forms have been submitted by the user completing the form. 
CompletionNumber of tasks on the form that have been completed.
Submitted ByUser that submitted the form. When the form is In Progress, this column will be blank. 
Created By/OnUser that created the form and the date that it was created.
Modified By/OnUser that last modified the form and the date it was last modified. 

Form Templates Page

The Form Templates page can be opened by clicking the View All Form Templates button from the top right corner of the Forms page. This page will list all the available form templates. 

Users can elect to view the form templates in tile view or grid view. Clicking the tiles iconwill show all the form templates as individual tiles.

Clicking the list icon will show all the form templates in a grid view.

Create a Form Template

To fill out a form or assign a form task type on a guide task, users must first create form templates. Form templates can be created from the Forms page. Learn more about creating a form template.

Complete a Form

Forms can be completed as part of a scheduled guide task or when a form may be needed to complete an unscheduled task, such as an injury report. Users must complete the tasks on the selected form before submitting. Learn more about completing a form

Form Task Type

Users with the appropriate permissions can create form tasks. Adding a form task to a guide will require users to complete or create a specific form in order for the task to be marked as complete. Learn more about the form task type