This article reviews the process for converting a Payment associated with an Employee typically paid via direct deposit to be paid with a physical check instead. 


Converting a Payment to be paid by check will prevent that Payment from being paid through direct deposit or pay card. Instead, a physical check will need to be printed. 

When a single Payment for an Employee is converted, the Payment's distribution type is changed to 'Check'. Other Payments within that Pay Run will not be converted, and the Employee's Payment Preference will not be updated. 

  • Note: The Employee can update their Payment Preference through 'My Pay' on the R365 Red App. If the Employee is unable to update their Payment Preference, it can be updated on the Payroll tab of their Employee Record. 

When the associated Pay Run is approved and a corresponding Paycheck Run is created, the converted Payment will be included in the Paycheck Run as a 'Check'. 

Once the Paycheck Run is created, the check for the Payment can be printed manually or through Print & Ship

Funding Journal Entries associated with the Payment will be automatically created when the check is printed. 

Converting a Payment to be Paid by Check

Payments are converted to be paid by check on the Payment Details page for each Payment. 

To convert a Payment to be paid by 'Check':

  1. Calculate the associated Pay Run
    • Note: The 'Pay by Check' button is only displayed for Payments within Pay Runs that are 'Pending Approval'

  2. Navigate to the 'Payment Details' page for the desired Payment

  3. Click the 'Pay by Check' button in the header

  4. Click 'Pay By Check' to confirm that the Payment should be converted to 'Check'

  5. Approve the associated Pay Run as normal

  6. Print the Paycheck from the associated Paycheck Run as normal