In Q3 of 2023, the 'Payment Details' page for R365 Payroll is being updated. This article reviews the layout differences between the new and legacy versions of this page.


Learn more about the Payment Details page here

Learn more about adding and editing Earnings here

New Payment Details Page Layout

New Buttons 

A new button for navigating back to the parent Payroll Run Details page has been added.

A new button for manually converting the Payment to be paid via check has been added. Learn more about converting a Payment to be paid by check here.

New buttons have been added related to adding and editing Earnings, including 'Save Changes' and '+ Add Earnings', as well as buttons to collapse and expand Earning Groups.

New Columns and Other Changes

Additional columns have been added to the Gross Earnings list:

  • Job
  • Rate
  • Hours

Depending on the Earning Type, the 'Hours' or 'Amount' column will contain editable fields when the Earning is editable.

The following columns of the Gross Earnings list have been renamed:

  • Month-to-date -> MTD
  • Year-to-date -> YTD

The information menu button for each Earning Group has moved to the left-hand side of the Gross Earnings list.

New Layout / Legacy Layout Examples

New Layout

Legacy Layout