This article covers the Recipes tab of the New Smart Ops Purchased Item Record.

If the Item is included on a Recipe as an Ingredient, that Recipe will be listed here along with the Recipe details. Users can click a specific Recipe from the list to open the Recipe Form.

The Recipes list allows Users to view the following information:

  • Recipe - The name of the Recipe
  • Ingredient Qty - The number of units of the item required for the Recipe
  • Ingredient U o M - The Unit of Measure of the item in the Recipe
  • Yield % - This value is set to 100% by default, but can be changed as needed.  An Ingredient might use a 'Yield %' lower than 100% if some of the Ingredient is wasted in the production of this Recipe. 
  • Instructions - A preview of the Recipe instructions

Using the table functions, Users can do the following:

  • - Search the List for specific Recipes
  • - Save/edit Table Views
  • - Export the table to a .csv file
  • - Filter Column information
  • - Rearrange table columns