This article covers Item Cost tab of the New Smart Ops Purchased Item Record.

The Item Cost tab is the default tab. When a Purchased Item Record is opened, it will open to the Item Cost tab. From this tab, Users can see where Cost for an Item is derived. 

Item Cost Tab


1) Location Selector - Select a Location to view the Cost Summary for that Location

2) Inventory Cost - The inventory cost for the selected Location along with Inventory details. This will be a weighted average of any transaction costs based on the Cost Method

3) Cost Method - The Cost Update Method. When a 'Weighted Avg.' is selected, this section will show the last transactions based on the selection (Ex. 3 Weighted Avg. 3 Days). Click 'Cost Transaction Details' to view more details. This will extend the Cost Summary section

  • Note: What Users will see will vary based on the Cost Updated Method, which can be changed from the Settings Tab

    Last Received


4) Location Costing Table - Costs listed by Location. Click 'View Full Details' to view the list in the whole tab. The Location Costing List has the following information:

  • Location - All of the Locations that use this Purchased Item
  • Inventory Cost - The cost for the Item at the specified Location based on the Inventory UofM
  • Inventory UofM - The Unit of Measure used for Inventory for the specified Location
  • Reporting Cost - The cost for the Item at the specified Location based on the Reporting UofM
  • Reporting UofM - The most common way the Item is compared across multiple locations
  • Commissary Status - Indicates whether an Item is 'Received from Commissary' or not. A 'yes' indicates that the Item is assigned to a Commissary Order Guide