This article is part of the Announcements feature in Manager Tools.

In addition to viewing Announcements, Users with the appropriate Announcement permissions can view, create, and edit Announcements in the R365 Red App. Creating and editing Announcements via mobile allows Managers to communicate important information with their team as soon as possible. The mobile announcements feature also supports deep linking, so when creating announcements,  users can include clickable links if needed. 

Users can also search and filter Announcements to easily find specific Announcement entries. 



The Announcements feature is part of the Manager Tools. To add and edit Announcements, Users must have the following Permissions:

  • Labor
    • Announcements
      • View Announcements
      • Edit Announcements
      • Create Announcements
      • Delete Announcements

Users can navigate to the Announcements screen by either tapping Announcements from the mobile navigation menu or by tapping the Announcements section from the mobile dashboard. 

Mobile Navigation Menu
Mobile Dashboard

Announcements Screen


SearchSearches the announcement list for keywords typed in this bar. 
FilterOpens the filter options that allows users to filter the announcements by:
  • Start/Expiration Date
  • Location
  • Department/Job
  • Attachments
  • Created By
Announcement PreviewPreviews the specific announcement. Previews contain the following:
  • Announcement posting date
  • Location
  • Preview text and/or image
    • Note: When there are multiple images attached, users can scroll left or right to view the carousel of images. 
New AnnouncementCreates a new announcement.

New Announcement 

To create a new announcement, tap New Announcement from the bottom of the Announcements screen. Then, complete the necessary information on the New Announcement screen. 


Start DateFirst day that the announcement will release and be relevant to employees. 
ExpirationDate that that announcement is no longer relevant to users.
LocationsLocations that the announcement will be available to. Announcements can be made visible to one, multiple, or all locations. The users that see the announcements is determined by their location access. 
Department/JobsDepartment or job that the announcement is relevant to. Announcements can be made visible to one, multiple, or all departments/jobs.
Employees to AlertEmployees that will receive a 'new announcement' notification in the R365 app. The employees listed will be determined by the location(s) and department/job(s) selected. 
Add AttachmentsAdds up to 6 attachments to the announcement. 
AnnouncementField to enter the announcement text.

 This field supports deep linking, so users can link to documents or web pages as necessary. 
CreateCompletes the creation of the announcement. 

Edit an Existing Announcement

If an announcement needs to be changed or edited for any reason, users can edit existing announcements. 

Edit an announcement from the announcement list by tapping the announcement tile from the list. This will immediately open the Edit Announcement screen. 

Users can then edit the announcement as necessary. The following changes can be made:

  • Change Start Date
  • Change Expiration Date
  • Add/Remove Locations
  • Add/Remove Departments/Jobs
  • Edit Announcement Content
  • Add/Remove Attachments

After making the necessary changes, tap Save. The posted announcement will then reflect the changes made.